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True Stories

  1. inventing neff
    Two Neffs, No RegretsInventing Anna actor Alexis Floyd and consultant Neff Davis on loyalty, privilege, and narrowly missing the ill-fated Morocco trip.
  2. backstories
    ‘I Chased Cardi for Two Years’: How Hustlers’ Director Cast the Stripper SagaA behind-the-scenes look at the making of Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, and Cardi B.
  3. true stories
    The Historical Reality Behind The Spanish Princess’s Sexy Tudor DramaJust how much of the Starz drama falls under that “Some historical events and characters have been altered” disclaimer?
  4. interview
    The Wild Story Behind Aretha Franklin’s Long-Delayed Documentary, Amazing Grace“It’s all crazy. It’s the craziest story that I know of in show business. I think we’ve lapped the field on crazy.”
  5. I Was Recruited by Allison Mack’s Sex CultSometimes all it takes is prosciutto, Rioja, and a dear friend’s invitation.
  6. The Story of How John Early Officiated Amy Schumer’s Wedding in Drag As ‘Vicky’“I just had to do it.”
  7. true stories
    Real-Life Bernie Freed From Prison; Moves in With Richard LinklaterHe’ll live in the director’s garage.
  8. true stories
    The True Story About the Woman Who Inspired Last Night’s LouieWhat happened to Louis C.K. one night after bombing at a fancy benefit …
  9. The German and the Robot: My Awkward, Addicting Leap Into ComedyTwelve years ago, I had just moved to New York City. I came here with a friend from my college sketch group. Her name was Alana and we had big […]
  10. true stories
    The History of Before Sunrise’s Tragic Real-Life InspirationThe film was based on a real night Linklater spent with a real girl in Philadelphia.
  11. breaking bad
    Breaking Bad Plot Unfolds in Massachusetts Meth ArrestSwap Albuquerque for Boston and this one’s a dead ringer. Sort of.