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Truth In Advertising

  1. truth in advertising
    Heinz Is Using a Rejected Don Draper Pitch in Its Real AdvertisingNot good enough for fake Heinz, plenty good enough for the real company.
  2. truth in advertising
    Pete Campbell Is Your New Colonel SandersJim Gaffigan’s natural successor.
  3. truth in advertising
    Dexter Promo Accidentally Points Out Everything That’s Wrong With DexterBehold, all the interesting foes Dexter has defeated in exactly the same way.
  4. the early word
    Pilot Preview: TNT’s ‘Truth in Advertising’ Is the Will & Ed ShowTwo sitcom lawyers return, in an ad-agency drama.
  5. the industry
    The Next Stage in David Hasselhoff’s Career Resurrection Has BegunPlus industry news on Robert Redford, Martin Scorsese, and Snoop Dogg.