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  1. nph
    NPH: Doctor Horrible Sequel May Be a Feature FilmIt’s not set in stone, but it’s still worth getting excited about.
  2. tube junkie
    Monk Finale Breaks Ratings RecordEat it, Thomas Haden Church.
  3. tube junkie
    Sherlock Holmes Rescues Seth MacFarlaneWarner Bros. has more balls than Microsoft.
  4. tube junkie
    Microsoft Executives See Family Guy, Get NervousWho put in all those offensive jokes?
  5. nph ftw
    Dr. Horrible Kills TelevisionCaptain Hammer: “Like the Ottoman Empire, the music industry, and Zima, [television is] here to stay.”
  6. tube junkie
    Leno’s Ratings Remain Strong; Glee’s Drop’Glee’ lost 11 percent of its audience in the face of stiffer competition.
  7. kanye
    Kanye Interrupts ObamaWell, this certainly didn’t take long.
  8. tube junkie
    Tracy Morgan Looking to Supplement His 30 Rock Salary by Pawning Emmys“He’s sweet like man meat! Sweet like possum meat!”
  9. tube junkie
    Jimmy Fallon Reveals Fake Radcliffe-Pattinson YouTube FeudVampires vs. Wizards!
  10. tube junkie
    Madonna Cries About Tragic Death of Stage Workers to Thrilled FansSomething was lost in translation between the singer and her manic audience, who continued to clap wildly and scream “Madonna!” during her serious moment.
  11. tube junkie
    Weird Al Finally Weighs In on Craigslist, the DoorsMusic’s preeminent song parodist, “Weird Al” Yankovic, returns this morning with a new single and video, and, we’ll be honest, we’re a little disappointed.
  12. tube junkie
    Johnny Depp’s Six Favorite YouTube VideosTurns out, if you had your own yacht and private island, you’d probably just sit around watching funny videos — pretty much like you do now.
  13. tube junkie
    Video: All of the Non-Naked Parts of Last Night’s Shen Wei Dance Arts PerformanceThe dancers appeared and disappeared, climbed on each other, hopped like agitated popcorn, and then collapsed.
  14. vampires
    Cam Gigandet Fights Off Rabid Pack of Twilight FansWe wonder how this will go over with ‘Twilight’ fans, who are known for their good humor.
  15. tube junkie
    Tribeca Shorts Hit YouTubeToo broke to attend Tribeca? YouTube has you covered.
  16. tube junkie
    ABC Plans Ad Campaign for Unscheduled ShowWe suppose stranger things have happened, but we can’t think of any off the top of our heads.
  17. casting couch
    Evan Rachel Wood, Vampire Queen of LouisianaNot as cool a title as the “Sausage King of Chicago,” but it will do.
  18. tube junkie
    The Observer From Fringe Has Been Haunting the Entire Fox NetworkMaybe corporate synergy isn’t such a bad thing, after all!
  19. tube junkie
    SNL’s Casey Wilson Finally Gets Some Late-Night Airtime … On Jimmy Fallon’s ShowEven if Lorne doesn’t think she’s funny, Jimmy Fallon does!
  20. tube junkie
    Good News: Summer Is Almost Here! Bad News: Summer TV Is Almost Here, Too!What do the networks have in store for us this summer?
  21. tube junkie
    Wanda Sykes Set to Take On SNLHer new talk show launches on Fox this fall.
  22. tube junkie
    David Duchovny’s Sex Life Takes a Turn for the WorseKathleen Turner is all set to join the cast of ‘Californication.’
  23. tube junkie
    Putting the ‘M’ Back in MTVThere’s good news and bad news that comes with this.
  24. tube junkie
    ABC Slyly Tries to Freeze Out Writers on In the Motherhood, FailsBen Silverman sure is thankful he didn’t think of this idea first.
  25. mad men
    Jon Hamm Addicted to ComedyNow he’s doing Funny or Die videos!
  26. tube junkie
    Russell Brand Smuggles Drugs Onto an Airplane, Barely Lives to Tell the TaleSomeone please give this guy another shot at hosting an awards show (but give one to Ricky Gervais first)!
  27. tube junkie
    The Office by Way of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’Beet farm, false alarm, women have weak arms.
  28. tube junkie
    As Conan O’Brien Packs His U-Haul, Visions of Colonel Kurtz Dance Through His HeadIt wasn’t supposed to go down like this.
  29. tube junkie
    United States of Tara Adding Another ‘Alter’Fingers crossed it’s a Hooverville-dwelling hobo!
  30. tube junkie
    Kanye’s ‘Welcome to Heartbreak’ Music Video Comes thisclose to Being a Singular SuccessIf only this video would’ve come out a week earlier!
  31. tube junkie
    Jason Voorhees, Reluctant Talk-Show GuestOnly Arsenio Hall had the kind of chops to pull something like this off.
  32. tube junkie
    Debut of College Humor Show Will Require Some Tough DVR ChoicesAiring on Sundays at 9:30 pm, it faces off against ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Rock of Love Bus.’
  33. tube junkie
    Barney Stinson’s Avalanche of AwesomeMore like How I Met Your Viral Video!
  34. tube junkie
    New Mad Men Parody Is Adverb/AdjectiveWe’re duty-bound to direct your attention to ‘Mad Libs,’ the new ‘Mad Men’-parodying viral phenomenon.
  35. tube junkie
    ABC Gets Ugly With BettyThe show’s future is in jeopardy.
  36. tube junkie
    Jason Sudeikis and Bill Hader Have Seen Rosario Dawson NakedIt’s not like anyone remembers anything else from ‘Alexander,’ now do they?
  37. tube junkie
    The College Humor Show Looks Like It Could Earn a Spot on Our DVRWe’re just as surprised as you that this show doesn’t look to be completely horrendous.
  38. tube junkie
    Let the Bridges Diablo Cody Burns Lead the Way!Plus: Guess who’s getting their own variety show? Nope, not Rosie O’Donnell!
  39. tube junkie
    Zac Efron, Piano GodOne with the Joel! ONE WITH THE JOEL!
  40. tube junkie
    Television Promises to Suck Significantly Less Than the Movies This JanuaryHint: It might be time to invest in a second Snuggie.
  41. tube junkie
    NBC’s Bold Q1 Strategy: ‘Two Hours of Ann Curry Followed by Two Hours of Donald Trump’In her latest ‘WaPo’ column, Lisa de Moraes makes Nikki Finke look like Mother Teresa.
  42. tube junkie
    ‘United States of Tara’ Streams Online; Live-Tweeting ImminentCan’t get enough of Diablo Cody’s personal Twitter? Then you’re going to love her live-tweeting her own show.
  43. tube junkie
    The Real Reason Behind ABC’s Decision to Give New Life to ScrubsHint: It’s not because Zach Braff is dreamy.
  44. tube junkie
    New Dollhouse Promo Clip Won’t Get Your Hopes UpMaybe we won’t feel as bad after Fox inevitably cancels it.
  45. tube junkie
    Jim Carrey’s Sensual Late Show Bubble Bath With Larry KingStars will do anything to promote their new movies, even if it requires sitting in a bath tub!
  46. tube junkie
    Flight of the Conchords Season-Two Premiere Debuts Early on Funny or DieCan the boys get their mojo back after the resounding success of their rivals, the Crazy Dogggz?
  47. tube junkie
    Could Chuck Lorre Be the Smartest Person in Television?Possibly! After all, he is the creative force driving television’s two highest-rated comedies.
  48. tube junkie
    SNL’s Ode to Premature Ejaculation Somehow Makes It Past NBC CensorsEven Robert Plant and Prince found themselves blushing after seeing this skit!
  49. tube junkie
    Katherine Heigl Deathwatch Gets Downright Kooky on Grey’s AnatomyThis is delicious on so many levels.
  50. tube junkie
    Lil Wayne Performs at CMA Awards, Sort OfWhat was he doing there?
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