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    M.I.A. Covers ‘The Wire’ Song!Now if only R. Kelly, Helen Mirren, and Ben Silverman would all announce some project together, Vulture could take the rest of the week off.
  2. tube junkie
    Star-Packed ‘SNL’ Stolen By Pregnant, Rapping Amy PoehlerThe countdown to post-election irrelevance for ‘Saturday Night Live’ is on!
  3. tube junkie
    Video: See Grizzly Bear and the National Play ‘New York’ Magazine’s 40th-Anniversary PartyOn Friday, we celebrated our 40th anniversary with music, comedy, and a few thousand friends.
  4. tube junkie
    ‘Quantum of Solace’ to Possibly Feature Nakedest Bond Title Sequence EverOkay, now we’re getting excited about the new Bond movie — or its first few minutes, anyway.
  5. tube junkie
    Judd Apatow Now Just Stealing Ideas From YouTubeThanks to Judd Apatow, that kid who sings funny songs on YouTube might get his own movie.
  6. tube junkie
    New Alan Moore Documentary Spills the Details on His Writing Process, Most Recent SandwichOn September 30, ‘The Mindscape of Alan Moore’ is released on DVD, featuring an in-depth look at one of the most brilliant comic writers ever.
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    Seth MacFarlane’s Ambitious New Web-Video Project Launches, Is Pretty Much Like ‘Family Guy’It’s funny, though!
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    BBC3 Show ‘The Wrong Door’ Shows the Computer’s RevengeThe upcoming U.K. comedy series presents a world in which sci-fi special effects interact with everyday life.
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    Soulja Boy Does Exactly What Any Sensible 18-Year-Old Would Do With $1 MillionLike any reasonable person, he blows his nose on money and drives a Segway across his living room.
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    Tom Cruise’s ‘Tropic Thunder’ Cameo Leaks to YouTube, Is Not Funny
  11. tube junkie
    Ghostface’s Long-lost ‘Iron Man’ Cameo Finally Leaks to InternetOh, what might’ve been.
  12. tube junkie
    Will the Real MF Doom Please Stand Up?A weird MC gets even weirder by possibly sending an imposter to the stage in his place.
  13. tube junkie
    How Good Is the World’s Greatest Guitar Hero Player Anyway?Better than you are at anything.
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    The Police Call It a DayThe Police played their final show at MSG last night, with singing fat lady included.
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    Jay-Z Debuts New Song at Kanye Show, Is Still Mad at Noel GallagherLast night at Kanye’s MSG show, Hova debuted his latest Noel Gallagher dis track.
  16. tube junkie
    Guys, the ‘Buffy’ Animated Series Might Have Been Kind of Bad…at least based on the four-minute promo which has finally made its way online.
  17. tube junkie
    What Does Snoop’s Bollywood Song Sound Like?What does a Bollywood-hip-hop collaboration sound like?
  18. tube junkie
    Exclusive Video: ‘Billy Joel Parking Lot’We sent our nymag.com camera crew out to Queens to capture the crowds at Billy Joel’s final shows at Shea Stadium.
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    New Girl Talk Album Spawns Crazily Ambitious YouTube Mash-Up ProjectSome guy is making videos for every track on the album by editing together clips of all their component mashed-up songs.
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    This Is Why ‘American Idol’ Should Never Have a David Bowie NightLast night, on ‘Canadian Idol,’ an idiot in a vest sang ‘Dancing in the Street.’
  21. tube junkie
    Disney’s Synchronized-Swimming Comedy Will Be Hard-pressed to Match ThisSee the ‘SNL’ skit that’s arguably the progenitor of the buffoons-playing-unlikely-sports genre.
  22. tube junkie
    Is ‘Tropic Thunder’ Mockumentary ‘Rain of Madness’ Real?We’re sure this movie is gonna be hilarious and all, but right now we need an Advil.
  23. tube junkie
    Holy Crap: 50 Cent’s New Video Game Looks AwesomeWhy does this guy even bother recording albums anyway?
  24. tube junkie
    Video: Artist Joshua Allen Harris Turns Garbage Bags Into World’s Greatest Balloon AnimalsHarris creates giant inflatable animals that come alive when fastened to a sidewalk grate.
  25. tube junkie
    So Wait, What Is Peter Greenaway’s ‘Last Supper’ Thing?We track down some Web video that shows just how cool the mysterious Milan project was.
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    Kanye West Mounts Viral Campaign to Repopularize DrinkingSee Kanye’s new vodka commercial!
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    ‘Umbrella’ Watch 2008: Can Jay-Z’s Endorsement Help Make Estelle’s ‘American Boy’ the Song of the Summer?Jay covered Vulture’s favorite jam at Glastonbury over the weekend — can this get it back on the radio?
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    Sex Memoir Authors Must Be Sick of Each OtherDoug and Annie Brown and Brad and Charla Muller hid it well on the ‘Today’ show, except for one touchy moment.
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    Animatronic Animals Play Usher’s ‘Love in This Club’ — and They Take Requests!See Usher’s filthy hit performed by a bunch of woodland creatures!
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    Video: The Scene at Last Night’s Public Theater GalaKathleen Turner plays John McCain in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Public Theater’s annual gala.
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    Can Robot Bands Save the Music Business?Sure, their lyrics may be in a made-up robot language, but so are most of Lou Reed’s.
  32. tube junkie
    Lindsay Lohan Hilariously Withdraws Name From Emmy ConsiderationBad news for Emmy voters: You will not have the opportunity to vote for Lindsay Lohan this year.
  33. tube junkie
    ‘The Dark Knight’ Fake Newscast Gives Anthony Michael Hall a JobDear sweet Farmer Ted is finally all grown up.
  34. tube junkie
    Deborah Voigt Faces the Little Black Dress Once MoreSoprano Deborah Voigt makes sport of her firing in a YouTube video.
  35. tube junkie
    ‘Lost’: See the Alternate EndingsWho else could’ve been in that coffin?
  36. tube junkie
    ‘Lost’: What Is Octagon Global Recruiting?Looks like another alternate-reality game is in the works for ‘Lost,’ this time at San Diego Comic-Con.
  37. tube junkie
    ‘Lost’: See Every Flash-forward in Chronological OrderSo wait, when does Jack grow that beard?
  38. tube junkie
    The Jonas Brothers on ‘Idol’: Surprisingly DisappointingAlso, who is that smirking guy standing behind them, playing guitar?
  39. tube junkie
    Galifianakis, Showalter Strive for Indie CredZach Galifianakis starts a talk show but can’t get much out of guest musician Michael Showalter.
  40. tube junkie
    Hey J.J. Abrams, Where’s the Viral-Marketing Campaign for ‘Fringe’?How are we supposed to get excited about a J.J. Abrams product without a secret, impossible-to-understand advertising push which has absolutely nothing to do with said product?
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    What Did John McCain Say to Young Jeezy?Finally, during the signoff on this weekend’s ‘SNL’, Jeezy met John McCain.
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    Wahlbergs Compete for Today’s Worst PerformanceYesterday, someone called Mark Wahlberg’s work in ‘The Happening’ the worst performance ever — that was before Donnie sang on the ‘Today’ show.
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    GE Recycles Water, Woody Allen HumorOn the off chance that this is actually how rain is made, you’ll definitely want to pack an umbrella today.
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    Video: Vulture Explores Superhero Fashions at the Met’s Costume InstituteVulture’s Dan Kois talks with the Met’s Andrew Bolton about “Superheroes.” Plus: lightning fight!
  45. tube junkie
    ASIMO Conducts Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Robot Apocalypse ImminentWelcome to the beginning of the end.
  46. tube junkie
    Snoop Dogg’s ‘One Life to Live’ Appearance Completes Most Ridiculous Promotional Tour of All TimeCollaborate with Willie Nelson and Lindsay Lohan? Check. Attend the CMT Awards and romance LeAnn Rimes? Double check.
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    Next Barry Manilow Album to Be Psychedelic, More IntrospectiveThere’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for that shirt he’s wearing.
  48. tube junkie
    Fake Memoirist ‘Margaret B. Jones’ on VideoHow on earth did Margaret Seltzer ever think she was going to get away with it?
  49. tube junkie
    Either ‘American Idol’ Is Fixed or Paula Abdul Is Divinely OmniscientAnd if she were omniscient, she probably would’ve known that video with the dancing cat was a bad idea.
  50. tube junkie
    Scarlett Johansson’s Music Video Confirms: Her Album Is GoodThe video to “Falling Down” might as well be the sequel to ‘Lost in Translation’ — and we like it.
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