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  1. ABC’s My Generation Is the Second Fall Cancellation’Lone Star’ has some unfortunate company.
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    Is Undercovers Worth Saving?The ratings say no.
  3. With Lone Star Gone, Which Shows Will Get Canceled Next?We’ve autopsied the early Nielsen data and come up with six more shows most in danger of joining ‘Lone Star’ in TV heaven.
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    Did the Characters on FlashForward See Cancellation in Their Futures?Only they know for sure.
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    Fox Finally Pulls the Plug on DollhouseIt’s not like this comes as a complete shock to anyone.
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    Lindsay Price’s Co-Workers Encouraged to Keep Their Résumés Up-to-DateABC’s cancellation of ‘Eastwick’ marks Price’s fourth consecutive bomb.
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    NBC Effectively Cancels TraumaNBC didn’t order any additional episodes of the show beyond the thirteen they had initially committed to.
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    After the Cancellation of Southland, John Wells and Jay Leno Probably Won’t Be Grabbing Drinks Anytime Soon“I wish NBC and Jay Leno well; personally, he’s a very nice guy, but I hope he falls flat on his face and we get five dramas back.”
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    NBC Cancels Southland Before Launch of Show’s Second SeasonBlame Jay Leno!
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    How Long Can Dollhouse Survive?Maybe not long!
  11. Fall TV Deathwatch: ‘The Ex List’ Now an Ex-ShowThe new fall TV season just suffered its second fatality!
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    Fall TV Deathwatch: Which New Shows Will Be Canceled First?’Gary Unmarried,’ obviously. But what will get canceled second?