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  1. dog watch
    Keeping an Eye on The Old Man’s DogsIf anything happens to Dave and Carol the Rottweilers, so help us …
  2. trope-ily ever after
    Falling in Love, Business Proposal StyleThe hit K-drama’s commitment to embracing nearly every classic romance trope is so impressive that it demands closer examination.
  3. thrilling content
    Brace Yourself for The Gilded Age Finale’s Most Intense MomentsZut alors! Le French chef is a fraud!
  4. rip the fourth wall
    The Winners and Losers of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls TripWinners: Kenya, the blogs. Losers: Ramona, the fourth wall
  5. vulture lists
    The Big Leap’s Biggest LeapsThe Fox dance dramedy is full of risky elements, but season one proved again and again that it can stick the landing.
  6. finales
    What We Do in the Shadows Accepts Its HumanityA tremendous third season ends with a twist revealing just how much these idiot vampires have grown.
  7. social standings
    Gossip Girl Week 4 Report Card: Go Play Your Video GamesBig secrets are OUT, new allegiances are IN, and logical behavior in general is MIA.
  8. school of scot
    What Have We Learned from Men in Kilts?It’s no new season of Outlander, but for eight weeks, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish’s road trip through Scotland gave us the next best thing.
  9. overnights
    The Great British Baking Show Recap: Just DessertsThis show is at its best when it’s very, very British.