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  1. endings
    The Final Job Ray Donovan DeservesTwo years after Showtime’s abrupt cancellation of the series, Ray Donovan: The Movie is a satisfying glimpse of what an eighth season could have been.
  2. tv review
    Somebody Somewhere Is a Confident Tale of an Unconfident WomanThe new HBO series from comedian and cabaret singer Bridget Everett asks whether you can find yourself without leaving home.
  3. tv review
    Beneath the Clichés, Archive 81 Is a Slow-Burning Horror ScorcherRebecca Sonnenshine’s podcast-inspired Netflix series effectively chips away at the conviction of our senses.
  4. tv review
    Cheer Season Two Puts the ‘Real’ in Sports RealityIn confronting its own success, the breakout Netflix docuseries goes to some darker, heavier places in its extended sophomore season.
  5. tv review
    Euphoria Season Two Is a Whole VibeThe HBO series about teens, drugs, sex, and interpersonal drama returns, ready to do the most.
  6. tv review
    The Righteous Gemstones Pushes Past the High Jinks in Season TwoTons of full-frontal male nudity? Yes. A genuinely thoughtful exploration of the gap between generational inheritance and independence? Also yes!
  7. tv review
    The Witcher Spreads Itself Thin in Season TwoAn ambitious but uneven sophomore season piles on new villains, new prophecies, and new allegiances — and becomes unwieldy in the process.
  8. tv review
    Station Eleven Is a Profound Television ExperienceThe pandemic subject matter may seem daunting, but this limited series is an incredibly gratifying must-watch.
  9. tv review
    And Just Like That… Is Sexless in the CityThe fact that Carrie Bradshaw is now a podcaster tells you everything you need to know.
  10. reality check
    Maybe Wheel of Time Doesn’t Need to Look So RealisticThe series’s elaborate, expensive fantasy world is gorgeous to behold and boring to spend extended time in.
  11. tv review
    In Sort Of, Love Means Not Having All the AnswersThe HBO Max show follows a gender-fluid 20-something who knows how to care for others but is still figuring out how to care for themselves.
  12. tv review
    Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back Accomplishes the UnthinkableIt rises to the unenviable task of offering new insights into one of the most documented music careers of all time.
  13. too much marvel
    Hawkeye Closes Out an Exhausting Year in Marvel TVDespite a strong start that’s looking more and more like an anomaly, Phase Four has begun to feel like an ongoing homework assignment.
  14. tv review
    Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson Will Make You Mad All Over AgainThe New York Times Presents’ examination of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl debacle implies our culture has progressed, but it feels more like a warning.
  15. tv review
    The Brutal, Bloody, Bawdy, Beautiful Return of The GreatSeason two of Hulu’s “occasionally true” drama about the Russian monarch takes its characters to a place of implausible but fully convincing humanity.
  16. tv review
    Cowboy Bebop’s New Shine Can’t Replace Its Old SoulWhat Netflix’s adaptation of the cult-classic anime gains in visual thrill, it loses in its understanding of the original’s melancholy center.
  17. tv review
    Adele One Night Only Was Too Much and Also Just RightThe celebrity quotient was excessive in Adele’s CBS special. But the 30 artist proved she’s still got it.
  18. tv review
    In Yellowjackets, the Girls Are Hungry to LiveShowtime’s coming-of-age-meets-cannibalism drama has lots of familiar elements, but forms its own compelling teen/adult psychological study.
  19. tv review
    Claws Is Perfect Summer TVThe candy-colored noir is also a great venue for Niecy Nash’s indelible performance.
  20. tv review
    Dr. Brain Gets Trapped in Its HeadApple TV+’s first South Korean series is at its best when it gets weird and owns its nightmarish horror spectacle.
  21. tv review
    Dexter Is Out for Redemption With New BloodBoth our stabby anti-hero and the “special event series” that catches up with him are looking to make up for past sins.
  22. tv review
    Love Life’s New Season Is a CharmerThe HBO Max rom-com levels up in its second season thanks in large part to William Jackson Harper’s leading-man charisma.
  23. tv review
    Insecure Remains Magical and Messy in Its Final SeasonThe series draws to a close with a characteristically effervescent yet uneven exploration of the dynamics of 30-something life.
  24. tv review
    Invasion Made Me Root for the AliensIn the Apple TV+ series, characters across the globe bumble around in their own misery, resentful that aliens keep interrupting their tragic lives.
  25. tv review
    You Is the Best It’s Ever BeenSeason three of Netflix’s dark, stalker-narrated murder drama shifts into an exciting new gear.
  26. tv review
    Dopesick’s Ambitious Scope Dulls Its ImpactThe Hulu limited series about the how and why of America’s opioid crisis is frequently moving but bites off more than it can reasonably chew.
  27. tv review
    Succession Returns, Nastier Than EverSeason three means all-out war in the Roy family. What a treat.
  28. tv review
    Squid Game’s Apocalypse Is NowThe blockbuster South Korean series is at its best when it’s at its bleakest — which says a lot about its current global cultural dominance.
  29. murmurations
    The Lost Symbol Is the Most Fun You Can Have Watching Complete NonsenseHot Robert Langdon is on the case!
  30. tv review
    Maid Is a Stressful, Refreshingly Honest Portrait of PovertyMargaret Qualley gives a tremendous performance as a young mom cleaning houses and trying to break away from an abusive partner.
  31. tv review
    Documenting Britney SpearsThree timely documentaries are capitalizing on the #FreeBritney interest, but is it appropriate to dig for more dirt at such a fraught turning point?
  32. tv review
    Foundation Is a Very Beautiful Sci-Fi ScreensaverThe big-budget science-fiction adaptation from Apple TV+ is stunning to watch, even when it fails to stick emotionally or narratively.
  33. tv review
    Midnight Mass Provokes More Thoughts Than ScreamsHamish Linklater’s performance makes this Mike Flanagan’s best Netflix series to date, even if it’s a less frightening experience altogether.
  34. tv review
    The Handsome Tragedies of Y: The Last ManThe FX on Hulu show poses spiky questions about gender, family, and human nature in the midst of trauma. Does it have the skill to answer them?
  35. tv review
    The Emmys Need to Watch More TVIn a television landscape undergoing explosive growth, the TV Academy isn’t looking far or wide enough.
  36. tv review
    The Morning Show Is Silly, Melodramatic, and Undeniably CaptivatingIn season two of the Apple TV+ series, characters make choices that make no sense whatsoever, with a regularity that’s half the show’s appeal.
  37. tv review
    The Premise Is FlawedB.J. Novak brings you an anthology series determined to take viewers into the hot-take zone.
  38. tv review
    Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain Give Life to Scenes From a MarriageThe HBO remake of Ingmar Bergman’s miniseries is an extraordinarily well-acted, often affecting meditation on what bonds and divides two people.
  39. tv review
    LuLaRich Is Another Perfectly Adequate Docuseries About Scam CultureThe new four-part Amazon series is LuLaReliable and LuLaRewarding, but not LuLaRadical.
  40. tv review
    Impeachment Asks Us to Gaze Upon Our Own DiscomfortThe newest American Crime Story is imperfect but transfixing, pushing the familiar tale of presidential scandal into the realm of American myth.
  41. tv review
    What We Do in the Shadows Is the Best Vampire Workplace Comedy on TVLook who’s the boss in season three.
  42. tv review
    Only Murders in the Building Is a Joyful True-Crime Parody RompThe new Hulu series co-created by Steve Martin sometimes works better in concept than in execution, but its flaws do not make it any less charming.
  43. tv review
    Please Pay Attention to The Other TwoThe overlooked entertainment-industry satire is back on HBO Max with a second season that deserves the sort of recognition its protagonists crave.
  44. tv review
    Add The Chair to Your ScheduleNetflix’s satire of contemporary academia is a gem that features an excellent performance by Sandra Oh.
  45. tv review
    Nine Perfect Strangers Is Alluring But EmptyThe promise of a strong cast and an intriguing premise isn’t enough to compensate for this limited series’s lack of identity.
  46. tv review
    Heels Can Be Clunky But Also WinningThe new Starz wrestling drama about brothers-in-well-toned-arms is a show that knows itself but doesn’t trust its audience to figure it out.
  47. tv review
    With A Little Patience, Reservation Dogs Will Enchant YouThis series about a quartet of Indigenous friends in a tiny Oklahoma town operates at its own deliberate pace and on its own distinct wavelength.
  48. tv review
    Mr. Corman May Test Your Patience, But It’s Worth ItJoseph Gordon-Levitt’s Apple TV+ series about a bummed-out white dude is more than initially meets the eye.
  49. olympics 2021
    Welcome to the ‘What Are We Doing Here?’ OlympicsThe opening ceremony’s determined efforts to project normalcy amid the abnormal were occasionally lovely and frequently surreal.
  50. tv review
    Ted Lasso Has Done It AgainThe breakout hit of 2020 returns with a second season that is just as good, and maybe better, than the first.
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