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  1. reunions
    The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited, RevisitedIn 2004, death brought the surviving cast of the sitcom back together one more time.
  2. animation
    The Lost MAD Magazine TV Special No Advertiser Would TouchThe 1974 pilot never aired, but it was MAD’s first foray into television.
  3. Which Meghan Markle TV Special Is Right for You?Not all are strictly about the royal wedding.
  4. theater nerds unite
    Kristen Bell Will Reunite the Cast of a High-School Musical in a TV SpecialThe special, airing December 10, focuses on the cast of a high-school production of Into the Woods.
  5. animals
    Animals Around the World Are Having a Dance Party in the Trailer for Earth LiveJane Lynch and Phil Keoghan co-host.
  6. in honor of…
    Here Are All of the Mary Tyler Moore TV Specials You Can Watch This WeekThere’s plenty to watch in her honor.
  7. tv specials
    Stephen Colbert to Host Live Election Special“Get all the election news without all the ethics and standards of news.”
  8. the tv industry
    NBC Becomes Latest Network to Announce JonBenét Ramsey SpecialDateline will premiere Who Killed JonBenét? on Friday.