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  1. trailer mix
    The Younger Final Season Trailer Is Here and It Doesn’t Catch Any TroutWhere did our necklace goddess go?
  2. final seasons
    Younger’s Seventh and Final Season Will Air on Paramount+ FirstAt least we have a crumb of footage of what’s in store for Liza.
  3. sitcoms
    Seinfeld Reruns to Air on Viacom Networks in 2021Including Comedy Central, TV Land, and Paramount Network.
  4. chat room
    Miriam Shor on Processing Diana’s Big Younger Discovery“Of course Diana was going to forgive. If anyone was going to understand, it was going to be Diana.”
  5. roll clip!
    Hilary Duff Faces the Wrath of the Approval Matrix in This Younger ClipLowbrow-despicable? Uh-oh.
  6. tv review
    Younger Is Still a Fizzy, Guiltless Pleasure in Season 6The TV Land series may have lost some urgency around the matter of Liza’s Big Secret, but it’s still as smart and fun as ever.
  7. chat room
    Bow Down to Hilary Duff, Younger’s New HBIC“It’s what she deserves.”
  8. tv land
    Younger Ends Its Fifth Season With a Perfect Moment of DoubtCharles and Liza, not happily ever after?
  9. the art of the scene
    Younger Showrunner Darren Star Knows That Sex Scene Was a ‘Long Time Coming’“They were really seeing each other as two adults.”
  10. overnights
    Younger Recap: Son of a PlumbA clogged toilet leads to an unexpected reunion, and Liza takes a chance on a freelance writer.
  11. fashion du jour
    Diana Trout’s 6 Greatest Necklaces, As Chosen by Younger’s Costume DesignerWho could forget that oversize flower?
  12. cancellations
    TV Land Cancels Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone’s NobodiesThe half-hour comedy will not return for a third season.
  13. chat room
    Younger’s Peter Hermann on That Long-Awaited Confrontation Scene“What he feels deeply is a betrayal, a breach of trust.”
  14. chat room
    Younger’s Sutton Foster on Why Liza’s Secret Will ‘Blow Up’ in Season 5“The show can exist where Liza lying about her age is no longer a secret.”
  15. season premieres
    Why Younger Finally Decided to Drop That Big Bombshell“We wanted to start the season with a bang.”
  16. exclusive
    Younger Season 5 Trailer: We’ve Got Ourselves Some Love Triangles!Liza is juggling a bunch of boos.
  17. casting call
    Sutton Foster Will Be Joined by Another Broadway Goddess in Younger Season 5Mischief at Millennial will ensue.
  18. exclusive
    Read the Scandalous Page 58 From Younger’s Soon-to-Be Real Fake NovelCharles … my goodness.
  19. roll clip!
    Younger Will Return on June 5, Obviously With a Reese Witherspoon JokeWe’d love to know what Reese thinks about the sex scenes in Marriage Vacation.
  20. overnights
    Younger Season-Finale Recap: For Whom the Wedding Bell TollsWhat happened to Liza and Charles?!
  21. overnights
    Younger Recap: To Tell the TruthThe sexual tension at Empirical Press just got kicked up a notch.
  22. overnights
    Younger Recap: The NestLiza should be choosing her career, right?
  23. fashion du jour
    The Signature Looks of Younger’s Leading LadiesOf course Diana has the top designers in the palm of her hand.
  24. overnights
    Younger Recap: The Company PicnicJosh versus Charles is a matchup for the ages.
  25. overnights
    Younger Recap: Being Jane AustenDamn you and your levelheaded maturity, Liza!
  26. overnights
    Younger Recap: The Hard CupcakeSo much scandalous kissing!
  27. overnights
    Younger Recap: Pearls Before SwinePoor, handsome Charles is having a rotten birthday.
  28. overnights
    Younger Recap: The H.E.A.Bow down to Maggie Amato, for she is our queen.
  29. overnights
    Younger Recap: Men Are Just CandyAw, look at Younger getting all meta!
  30. overnights
    Younger Recap: Queen of CampLiza and Kelsey make one tiny step toward reconciliation.
  31. overnights
    Younger Recap: You Don’t Even Know What a Meme IsBless their southern hearts, Kelsey and Josh are pretty cute together.
  32. overnights
    Younger Season-Premiere Recap: The Unburdening“Post Truth” puts Liza and Kelsey’s friendship in the spotlight.
  33. tv review
    Younger Returns With Its Deceit IntactTV Land’s escapist comedy finds even more juice in Liza’s big lie.
  34. Talking Nobodies with Rachel Ramras, Larry Dorf, and Hugh Davidson The concept of “making it” in showbiz is perhaps made up itself. There is no defining body of who makes it and who doesn’t, and sometimes […]
  35. Inside ‘Throwing Shade’s Journey from Podcast to Web Series to TV Show In 2011, comedians/writers/improvisers/friends Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi were left without a place to speak on important social justice […]
  36. How ‘Teachers’ Finds the Fun in a Sometimes Thankless Job Watch out, the Katydids are on the scene. Six improvisors from Chicago, all with names derived from Katherine (Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, […]
  37. the industry
    Oh, the Humanity! TV Land Greenlights Heathers Reboot SeriesThis show is God. Let’s go get a slushie.
  38. chat room
    Sutton Foster on Younger’s Big Season Finale“Why is she still doing this? That’s going to be a really big question in season four.”
  39. casting couch
    Break Out the Chainsaws: Shannen Doherty Joins TV Land’s Heathers RebootOur love is God.
  40. chat room
    Hilary Duff on Younger, Liza’s Secret, and Playing ‘Relatable’ Characters“It’ll be a very, very big betrayal. I don’t think she’s going to respond well to it.”
  41. vulture cover story
    Nico Tortorella Wants to Be ‘The Future Man’An energy-crystal healing session with the bisexual, “emotionally fluid,” totally sober star of TV’s Younger.
  42. heathers 2
    TV Land’s Heathers Reboot Casts Its HeathersMeet your Heather, Heather, and Heather (formerly Heath).
  43. Leslye Headland to Direct TV Land’s ‘Heathers’ PilotTV Land has been developing a comedy anthology series based on the 1989 film Heathers since back in March, and today the project landed a pilot […]
  44. ‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’ to End on TV Land After Season 2Jim Gaffigan’s TV Land series is nearing its end. On Twitter yesterday, Gaffigan announced that Sunday’s season 2 Jim Gaffigan Show finale will […]
  45. casting couch
    The First Wives Club Reboot Announces More CastLachey! Hannigan! Hilty!
  46. renewals
    Younger Continues to Get Older, Gets Renewed for Season 4Before season three even begins shooting!
  47. tvland
    TV Land Orders McCarthy-Falcone ComedyNobodies is about a group of friends who want their famous buddies to join their movie.
  48. TV Land Orders Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone’s ‘Nobodies’ to SeriesAlmost a year ago, TV Land ordered a comedy pilot from Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, and now the project has landed a series order. […]
  49. TV Land Orders Funny or Die’s ‘Throwing Shade’ as a Weekly Late Night ShowA new late night show is in the works at TV Land. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has given a series order to a weekly, […]
  50. ‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’ Returns to TV Land on June 19thJim Gaffigan’s TV Land show just got a season 2 premiere date. Deadline reports that The Jim Gaffigan Show will debut its 12-episode second […]
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