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  1. wordsmithery
    Stevie Nicks, the Health Commissioner We Deserve, Wants You to Stay Inside“We might be able to find this magical place I have found.”
  2. memes
    *Nickelback Voice* Look at This DMCA Takedown NoticeTrump’s Nickelback meme tweet was shortlived.
  3. odes
    Bad Bunny Is Wild in the Streets, Tender in the TweetsThe trap star’s Twitter feed is a meadow of nostalgia and intimacy.
  4. the letter a
    Riverdale’s Archie Welcomes Royal Archie the Only Way He Knows How: ShirtlessTwo iconic gingers, one iconic name.
  5. back on top
    Patti LuPone Arrives on Twitter to Announce She Cannot Be Contained by It“Fuck that.”
  6. grammys 2019
    Ariana Grande Says Grammys Producer Is ‘Lying’ About Her Canceled Performance“I can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken.”
  7. cher
    Get Ready for Even More Cher in 2020The time has come for a Cher autobiography and biopic.
  8. game of thrones
    HBO and Game of Thrones Cast Slam Trump’s ‘Winter Is Coming’ Meme“We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes,” HBO said in a statement.
  9. books
    Soon You Can Buy Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tweets, But As a Book“Gmorning!”
  10. tweets
    Donald Trump Calls Resistance King Robert De Niro a ‘Very Low IQ Individual’“Wake up Punchy!”
  11. samantha bee
    Trump Calls for ‘No Talent’ Samantha Bee to Be Fired for Her ‘Horrible Language’He also managed to bring up her ratings.
  12. cosby trial
    Cosby Show Reruns Pulled, Celebrities React to Guilty VerdictMany see the conviction as the beginning of a new era.
  13. tweets
    Trump Lashes Out at Alec Baldwin After Baldwin Called Playing Him on SNL ‘Agony’“Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent!”
  14. last night on late night
    Trump’s Tweets Make More Sense When Andy Serkis Reads Them As GollumSuddenly, we understand “covfefe.”
  15. tweets
    Trump Blames Arnold for Bad Apprentice Ratings“I wish you the best of luck and I hope you’ll work for ALL of the American people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings.”
  16. tweets
    Fox Searchlight Markets Birth of a Nation, OddlyWith memes.
  17. modern day social media
    Bippity Boppity Boo: Disney Intern Fired, Rehired Over Alligator TweetIt’s a sensitive subject.
  18. Paula Pell Is Turning Her ‘Hey Young Girls’ Tweets into an Illustrated BookLongtime SNL writer Paula Pell is the mastermind behind a ton of great projects these days including the Above Average web series Hudson Valley […]
  19. netflix
    When Netflix Suggests Scrotal RecallYou can imagine people’s reaction to that email.
  20. kim kardashian tweets
    Bette Midler Turned Kim Kardashian’s Tweets Into Piano BalladsKim K’s tweets plus “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Why not?!
  21. sequels
    See the First Photo From the Pitch Perfect 2 SetFrom Rebel Wilson’s Twitter.
  22. Patton Oswalt Posted a Bunch of Funny Fake Movie Ideas on TwitterThe 2013 Toronto Film Festival is currently underway up north, and comedian Patton Oswalt fired off a series of descriptions and reviews of the […]
  23. The ‘Modern Seinfeld’ Twitter Account Helped Its Creator Get a Sitcom JobLast year, Buzzfeed sports writer Jack Moore and comedian Josh Gondelman created a funny Twitter account called “Modern Seinfeld” […]
  24. Nick Offerman Reads More Lady Tweets Don’t worry we already looked up Bella Thorne, so you don’t have to. She is best known for starring on the Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, a […]
  25. tweets
    Alec Baldwin Has Joined Twitter“Friend told me today not to drink and tweet.”
  26. tweets
    Danny McBride: ‘Kenny Powers Would Never Twitter’“Kenny Powers is a full-grown man so he would never Twitter.”
  27. tweets
    Live Nation CEO Masters Twitter“u r a jerk”
  28. kanye
    Who Will Kanye Follow First on Twitter?We have a few suggestions.
  29. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Stephen Colbert Takes on the New York Times’ Word PolicePlus, Louis C.K. drops by The Daily Show to share his thoughts on the Pope, on our regular late-night roundup.
  30. m.i.a.
    M.I.A. Tweets Lynn Hirschberg’s Phone NumberApparently we were not the only ones who found Lynn Hirschberg’s ‘Times Magazine’ M.I.A. profile unflattering.
  31. beef
    Adam Shankman Battles Sam Mendes for Oz JobOn Team Shankman: Joel Madden and some sandwich-maker.
  32. tweets
    Jim Carrey Not Sorry For His Tweets“Now, I’m going to re-enter the Twitter stream and see if there is anyone left to offend!”
  33. tweets
    Ice-T Teaches Aimee Mann a LessonWe bet this is the last time Aimee Mann impugns Ice-T’s acting ability on Twitter.
  34. ballerinas
    Which Ballerina Has the Coarsest Twitter?“When did MAC start making the shade ‘Blow-Job Red’?”
  35. tweets
    Questlove Exposes NBC Lunch MenuSo, what the hell is this?
  36. kudos
    An Oscar Producer Panics: What If Robert Pattinson Isn’t Available on March 7?“Scenario: what if, due to scheduling, pats isn’t avail? Shall we Go Stewart. And lautner? Or no twilighters?”
  37. hanx
    Tom Hanks Starts Hip New Twitter Account“Copy 5 by 5 on those Back Tweets. I’ll try to keep these snappy. 2010 is KOOKS so far, no? Hanx.”
  38. lost
    None of Your Lost Questions Answered!TV reporters are tweeting live from the ‘Lost’ TCA presentation.
  39. tweets
    Busy Phillips Says Cougar Town Shutdown No Big Deal‘We’re back shooting after Thanksgiving,’ she tweeted.
  40. tweets
    Victory: Tracy Morgan Joins Twitter!Hooray!
  41. tweets
    Wanted: Tracy’s TweetsIt’s hard not to get behind a cause like this.
  42. Activision: Courtney Love Totally Okayed Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Hero AvatarSays Activision: “Guitar Hero secured the necessary licensing rights from the Cobain estate in a written agreement signed by Courtney Love.”
  43. tweets
    Wall-E Director Mad Men-izes SelfWe’re as sick of ‘Mad Men’ Twitter avatars as anybody, but it’s still pretty great that Andrew Stanton made one.
  44. tweets
    McLovin TweetsTrent Reznor may have quit social networking forever, but we just found something to take the pain away.
  45. tweets
    Twitter to Become Stupid TV ShowEven Ashton Kutcher thinks this is a bad idea.
  46. tweets
    In Case You Were Wondering…Diddy’s dinner date with Judd Apatow seems to have gone well.
  47. tweets
    Did a Date With Hugh Jackman Leave Oprah Too Tired to Tweet?“Hugh … I’m countin’ the hours. Wanna do dinner the night before. Same booth? Or catch up fresh on the air?” And then: silence.
  48. tweets
    Twitter Scandal! Live-Tweeting Comedians Disrupt the Sanctity of Crank 2: High VoltageThe event was theater sanctioned and all tweeting was restricted to the back rows so as not to disturb other moviegoers. Even so, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.
  49. yins and yangs
    You Take the Good and You Take the Bad With Michael BayYou take them both and there you have the facts of Bay. The facts of Bay.
  50. tweets
    Popular Explosionist Joins TwitterThough Twitter already had a perfectly good fake Michael Bay, the real one has signed up anyway.
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