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Twelfth Night

  1. theater review
    Theater Review: It’s Always Sunny in This Twelfth NightIn the park, not a cloud in the sky.
  2. Theater Review: An Enticing Twelfth Night for Beginners and Pros AlikeGateway-drug Shakespeare, in the best sense.
  3. Theater Review: The Public Works’ Diverse, Delicious Twelfth Night“For the audience, the source of the joy was mostly the joy of those participants.”
  4. Theater Review: Twelfth Night and Richard IIIRichard, as presented here, is a compelling curiosity; Twelfth Night is sublime.”
  5. chat room
    Julie White on Robot Racism in Transformers 2 and How Michael Bay Would’ve Staged Twelfth Night“He could have done ‘Twelfth Night 2: Revenge of Malvolio.’ And then he should transform and just mow everybody down.”
  6. raccoons
    Acting Raccoon Returns to Shakespeare in the ParkNext year they should give this little guy an audition.
  7. awesome
    Cavemen Star to Slum It in Shakespeare PlayJulie White has joined the cast of the Public Theater’s production of ‘Twelfth Night.’
  8. the industry
    Will Ferrell Will Do Just About Anything to Promote Land of the LostPlus: Megan Fox, heroin smuggler.
  9. the industry
    Without Breasts There Is No Television