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  1. chat room
    Joel Schumacher on Objectifying Chace Crawford“I do objectify people sexually in my movies. Where’s the harm? They still have to act.”
  2. party lines
    Blake Lively at the Twelve ScreeningPlus: Rory Culkin, Zoe Kravitz, Blake Lively …
  3. chat room
    50 Cent on Preserving His Posterior for Posterity“I’ll die, and this film will still be playing. So I just want to make sure my ass is in good condition when people take a look at it.”
  4. chat room
    Joel Schumacher On How Twelve Is Like ‘Gossip Girl on Steroids’The director talks about the world of UES teens, working with 50 Cent, and how crazy some girls are for Chace Crawford.
  5. trailer mix
    Will Twelve Be the Less Than Zero of the Twilight Generation?It’s also a straight-up ‘Gossip Girl’ ripoff.
  6. the industry
    Todd Phillips Gets Another HangoverPlus: Jackie Earle Haley to haunt your dreams.