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  1. summer hits
    The Misunderstood Cultural History of City Girls’ ‘Twerkulator’One that even the Oxford English Dictionary got wrong, as Dr. Kyra Gaunt explains on this episode of Switched on Pop.
  2. wife guys
    Don’t You Dare Try to Tempt DJ Khaled, a Married ManHe’s “got a family and everything.”
  3. twerking
    Welp, Here’s Zac Efron Twerking on EllenHe also gives Ellen a lap dance of sorts.
  4. twerking
    People Keep Pressuring Helen Mirren to Twerk. And She Does.Because Helen Mirren does what Helen Mirren wants.
  5. it’s miley!
    Miley Cyrus Just Playing a Character, She Says“We know we’re not racist, and I know I’m not putting down women.”
  6. videology
    ‘Pour It Up’ Video: Rihanna Shows Miley How to TwerkRihanna takes short-shorts to the next level.
  7. chat room
    Amy Poehler on What She Looks for in a Best Friend“I need someone who not only can work it but twerk it.”
  8. bad news
    Kimmel Twerking Prank Shows Inanity of TV News“This is a major twerking fail!” said your Mom, who is apparently writing local news copy.
  9. silly things
    Watch Morgan Freeman Tell You What Twerking IsThis is as close as we’ll get to hearing the voice of God say the word twerking.
  10. twerking
    Twerk Added to Dictionary, Gets a Miley-Bieber DuetThis is still going.
  11. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: The Worst Miley Cyrus at the VMAs JokesRestless tongue syndrome might’ve claimed Miley.
  12. twerking
    The Cast of Orange Is the New Black Is Already Twerking on SetSecond season! Second season!