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  1. twihards
    Over 900 Twilight Props Are Up for AuctionFinally you can prove you love Twilight as much as Edward (or Jacob) loves Bella.
  2. most devoted fans
    From Trekkies to Twihards: How to Name Your FandomJuggalos, Team Breezy, Little Monsters: What’s in a name?
  3. twihards with a vengeance
    Twilight Fans Slag K-Stew for Being Actual HumanHonestly, isn’t this the most interesting thing she’s ever done?
  4. immortality
    Will Twilight Obsess New Generations in Twenty Years?What happens after the craze? Will future girls adopt it like boys still read The Lord of the Rings?
  5. clickables
    Watch the World’s Most Famous Twihard React to the Breaking Dawn TrailerDo heed her warnings about the volume on your computer.
  6. clickables
    See the Huge Twilight: Breaking Dawn Wedding RingIt is also odd-looking.
  7. Guy Buying Miramax Learned Lots of Life Lessons From TwilightAnd he wrote a great memo about it.
  8. twihards
    Twilight Obsession Can Ruin Marriages, Lives, Times Posits“I ended up moving out of the house and fought for my marriage for six weeks.”
  9. total eclipse of the heart
    Rob Pattinson Fears a Riot at the L.A. Eclipse PremiereDespite some weariness, Pattinson is still charming on the red carpet. Nikki Reed, less so.
  10. Rob Pattinson Is Still Tired of Talking About TwilightHe doesn’t seem to be looking forward to ‘Eclipse’ press.
  11. vampires
    People Are Naming Their Poor Children After Twilight CharactersThose poor, poor babies.
  12. movies
    See a Slideshow of Twilight-Themed Vampire TourismThey “carve ‘Edward Forever!’ into the walls while laughing giddily.”
  13. movies
    See One Twihard’s Hilariously Intense Reaction to the New Twilight TrailerVolume way, way down.
  14. movies
    Read One Young Twilight Fan’s Impassioned Letter Against Wolfman“TEAM JACOB- cuz hes a REAL WEREWOLVE!”
  15. Trailer for Third Twilight Film to Play Before Pattinson’s Other MovieMarch 12 will essentially be a national holiday for teenage girls.