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Twin Peaks The Return

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    Twin Peaks Recap: Let’s RockWelcome back to Twin Peaks, Audrey Horne!
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    Twin Peaks’ Chrysta Bell on Tammy Haters and ‘Harsh’ Criticism“I’m deeply triggering for a lot of people and I’ve known this all my life.”
  3. chat room
    Twin Peaks’ Matthew Lillard on the Gruesome Fate of His Character“All of the chicks are into extra-dimensional studies!”
  4. Charting the Vast Musical Universe of Twin PeaksThe new season of Twin Peaks represents a huge shift away from the musical approach Lynch has historically displayed in his work.
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    Twin Peaks Recap: He’s DeadMaybe cherry pie will save us all.
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    Twin Peaks’ Amy Shiels on Her Tragic Backstory for Candie“When you come from something as awful and dreadful as that, you can appreciate everything as much as Candie does.”
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    Eamon Farren On Playing Twin Peaks’ Embodiment of Evil“It’s truly more scary to not know where [his behavior] comes from. That’s what adds to the horror to Richard.”
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    Twin Peaks Recap: Laura Is the OneA violent episode that also offers a glimpse of love in its brightest form.
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    Twin Peaks’ Dana Ashbrook on Bobby’s Redemption and Why David Lynch Is ‘Classy’“All of my friends and my wife and anybody who knew the show were speculating about what happened to Bobby.”
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    Twin Peaks Recap: The Briggs ProphecyWho killed Major Briggs?
  11. The Best Show on TV Is Twin Peaks: The ReturnNo other series takes as many chances.
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    Our 5 Biggest Questions After Twin Peaks: The Return, Episode 8Don’t expect any answers from David Lynch.
  13. close reads
    The Eighth Episode of Twin Peaks: The Return Is Horrifyingly BeautifulIt’s a visually and sonically dazzling origin story for postwar America.
  14. Nine Inch Nails Stop By the Roadhouse on Tonight’s Twin PeaksMan, the booker at the Bang Bang Bar really deserves a raise.
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    Twin Peaks Recap: The Secret Diary of Laura PalmerWhat does Diane know? And what happened between her and Cooper?
  16. close reads
    In Praise of Dougie Jones, the Biggest Tease in the New Twin PeaksThe bizarrely hilarious character is Twin Peaks at its best.
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    Twin Peaks Recap: Tell Me When This Is OverSomething is very, very wrong here.
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    Twin Peaks Finally Answers a Big Question: Who Is Diane?Until now, Agent Dale Cooper’s secretary was an unseen mystery.
  19. ‘Where Is Twin Peaks?’ Is the New ‘Who Killed Laura Palmer?’Lynch is fully aware of our hunger for the show’s original charm, and he is leveraging our appetite as the season’s dramatic engine.
  20. David Lynch Forces Your Brain to Work DifferentlyWhat we’re dealing with here is a work like no other, unveiled in a manner no one has ever experienced before.
  21. vulture lists
    What’s in the Box? The Great Mystery of Twin Peaks: The ReturnLet’s gauge the fan theories that try to explain the unexplainable.
  22. The Ratings for Twin Peaks Weren’t Good. Who Cares?There’s more than one way to judge the success of Showtime’s revival.
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    Can I Watch the Twin Peaks Reboot Without Seeing the Original?Here are the four things you need to remember.
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    A Guide to the Characters of Twin Peaks: Who’s Back and Who’s NewYou may still be asking yourself what the Bob is going on here.
  25. Twin Peaks: The Return Is Riveting, Horrifying, and Patience-TaxingIt’s David Lynch as the experimental filmmaker he’s always been.
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    Catherine Coulson’s Log Lady Had Two Memorable Scenes in the Twin Peaks PremiereHer log hasn’t aged one day.
  27. Let’s Talk About the Twin Peaks PremiereThat was …. weird. Maybe even weirder than we expected?
  28. Watch Twin Peaks’ New and Improved Opening-Credit SequenceNew images, same theme song.