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  1. 7 Things David Lynch Said at the Twin Peaks TCA Panel“Who killed Laura Palmer was a question we did not really want to answer.”
  2. twin peaks
    Twin Peaks Will Return in May With a 2-Hour Premiere Get your coffee and doughnuts ready.
  3. the eric andre show
    The Eric Andre Show Was the Only Late Show Weird Enough for 2016It’s powered by its creator’s agonizing awareness of the banality of late-night talk shows and the urgent need to destroy them.
  4. Everything We Know So Far About the Twin Peaks RebootThat’s a damn fine cup of coffee.
  5. roll clip!
    Here’s a Damn Fine Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse at the New Twin Peaks“The journeys that the characters go on is remarkable.”
  6. vulture reading room
    The Twin Peaks Character Backstories We Learn From Mark Frost’s New NovelTry not to get too weepy when you find out where the Log Lady’s log came from.
  7. dame fine festival
    Kyle MacLachlan Teases the Twin Peaks Revival: ‘It’s Gonna Be Amazing’At David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption.
  8. Watch the Teaser for the Twin Peaks RevivalThat’s some damn fine Angelo Badalamenti.
  9. roll clip!
    Watch John Malkovich Impersonate Dale Cooper“Diane, never drink coffee that has been anywhere near a fish.”
  10. mashup heaven
    Hear Stranger Things & Twin Peaks Mash-up Theme“Stranger Peaks” doubles down on the synth.
  11. spooky
    A Brief History of TV Shows Being Compared to Twin PeaksFrom Atlanta to Northern Exposure.
  12. voice work
    Series Actors to Lend Voices to Twin Peaks BookThe novel will bridge the gap between the original series and the upcoming revival.
  13. festival
    David Lynch Creates His Own FestivalIt’s called the “Festival of Disruption.”
  14. twin peaks
    The Twin Peaks Reboot Is Likely Coming in April, May, or June of 2017Still no official release date, but we’ve narrowed down the window.
  15. not damn fine news
    Why Catherine Martell Won’t Be in Twin PeaksWithout chemicals, this is hard to handle.
  16. casting couch
    David Lynch Confirms Full Twin Peaks Cast ListTrent Reznor, Michael Cera, Eddie Vedder are among the new names in town.
  17. twin peaks
    Ana de la Reguera, Hugh Dillon Join Twin PeaksThey join the long list of actors who are tentatively in the revival, in roles we know nothing about.
  18. casting couch
    Ashley Judd Joins the Twin Peaks RevivalDoes the Black Lodge have a senate?
  19. the industry
    Naomi Watts Joins Twin Peaks for a Lynch ReunionNot a dream; this is real life. Maybe.
  20. the rappers are not what they seem
    Donald Glover Wants Atlanta to Be ‘Twin Peaks With Rappers’Glover created, wrote, exec-produced, and starred in the new comedy.
  21. twin peaks
    Sherilyn Fenn to Return to Showtime’s Twin PeaksShe’ll have a “major presence.”
  22. surrealism
    Listen to a Twin Peaks, Britney Spears Mash-upA damn fine tune indeed.
  23. the industry
    Twin Peaks Will See You Again in 2017“The challenge for us is to try and come back and raise the bar above what we did the last time.”
  24. casting couch
    Jennifer Jason Leigh Will Be in Twin PeaksCue the smoky jazz music.
  25. casting couch
    Peter Sarsgaard Will Not Be on Twin Peaks After AllAn update.
  26. twin peaks
    Twin Peaks Is Recasting Sheriff Harry S. Truman for the Showtime RevivalWe’re tipping our wide-brim hats in solidarity.
  27. r.i.p.
    Catherine Coulson, Twin Peaks’s Log Lady, Has DiedShe was 71.
  28. tca 2015
    Twin Peaks Revival Officially Starting FilmingAnd about that snafu between Showtime and David Lynch …
  29. damn good coffee
    Twin Peaks Diner Will Be RestoredThe interior had burned out during a fire in 2000.
  30. the owls are not what they seem
    Twin Peaks Is Happening Again (Again), David Lynch Confirms The rumors are not what they seem.
  31. tv
    David Chase on the Legacy of Twin PeaksThe Sopranos creator talks to Matt Zoller Seitz about the surreal brilliance of (the hopefully returning!) series.
  32. speculation
    The New Twin Peaks Mystery: Is Showtime’s Reboot Really Dead?Sources indicate the network was, and is, open to spending more money.
  33. twin peaks
    The Twin Peaks Cast Just Won’t Let David Lynch Go QuietlyThe Twin Peaks cast sounds off on why the show needs David Lynch.
  34. revivals
    David Lynch Says He’s Leaving the Twin Peaks RebootShowtime says it’s still “working towards solutions” with the director.
  35. David Lynch Says Twin Peaks Season 3 Might Not Happen After AllDue to “complications.”
  36. tv review
    The Rise of the Slow Crime ProceduralIt starts with a seemingly isolated act of savagery and then widens its scope.
  37. are you serious or not
    Duchovny Is Getting Our Twin Peaks Hopes UpWill he be coming back as Denise Bryson?
  38. keep coming back
    Kyle MacLachlan Is Coming Back to Twin PeaksLong live Agent Dale Cooper.
  39. The 11 Scariest TV Shows Ever (and Where to Stream Them)Don’t watch Ghostwatch alone.
  40. where are they now
    Twin Peaks Alumni: Where Are They Now?Cast members speak on the show’s past and future. 
  41. books
    Mark Frost Is Writing a Twin Peaks BookTo fill in the gaps before the new season debuts.
  42. the owls are not what they seem
    What Can We Expect From Showtime’s Revival of Twin Peaks?News of the cult series’ return for a third season brings up some important questions.
  43. vulture essays
    Twin Peaks Has Cast a Shadow Over All My BooksThe author of The Fever on how David Lynch’s TV masterwork burrowed its way into her life.
  44. mash-ups
    Watch a Gilmore Girls/Twin Peaks Opening-Credits Mash-Up“Lead Me to Twin Peaks.”
  45. from the archives
    From the Archives: John Leonard’s Twin Peaks Cover StoryFrom the May 7, 1990 issue of New York Magazine.
  46. legacies
    Twin Peaks Helped Carve Out Today’s Prestige-TV LandscapeWe have come full circle.
  47. revivals
    Twin Peaks Is Coming BackOn Showtime in 2016. Really.
  48. shrunk-wrapped in plastic
    Twin Peaks Blu-Ray: What’s New, Old, and MissingA tour through the latest “definitive” collection.
  49. stay tuned
    Do I Really Have to Watch Twin Peaks?And how to quit Under the Dome.
  50. james franco writes an essay
    Here’s What James Franco Thinks About Twin PeaksI was in junior high when the series came on, and I was more interested in watching Beverly Hills, 90210.
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