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  1. twitter talk
    Gillian Anderson Knows the Truth Is Out There About The X-Files EndingScully only deals in facts.
  2. politics
    Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Bio Won’t Start With ‘Wife’ AnymoreAt the PEN America World Voices Festival, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie asked HRC about her Twitter bio.
  3. twist!
    Avengers: Infinity War Will Now Hit Theaters on April 27Disney doesn’t want to wait.
  4. an inconvenient truth
    James Gunn Reveals Shocking Truth About Groot’s Death In Guardians of the GalaxyBaby Groot’s relation to original Groot might surprise you.
  5. twitter talk
    Michael B. Jordan Is Defending His Anime-Nerd Credentials on TwitterHe would also like you to know that he is a clean six feet tall.
  6. reboot wars
    Holly Marie Combs Is Extremely Not Here for the Charmed Reboot“Don’t even think of capitalizing on our hard work.”
  7. golden globes 2018
    Jada Pinkett Smith Accuses Golden Globes of Ignoring Girls TripThe actress doesn’t think her movie got a fair shot with Hollywood Foreign Press Association voters.
  8. sexual assault
    Hollywood Reacts to Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual-Harassment Allegations“I give zero fucks about any repercussions for condemning him.”
  9. twitter talk
    Damien Chazelle Joins Twitter to Advocate for Impeachment“The Trump administration is openly endorsing Nazism and white supremacy. It’s that simple.”
  10. twitter talk
    Twitter Is Arguing Over Whether Homecoming Is the Best Spider-Man Movie to DateAs the old saying goes, if you’ve reached Twitter nitpicking over your superhero-movie ranking, you’ve made it.
  11. transgender rights
    Rhea Butcher On Trans Bathroom Rights: ‘It’s About the Right to Exist. To Be.’The genderqueer comedian recalls the first time she was turned away from a public restroom.
  12. twitter talk
    Bold Sally Field Joins Twitter Because Trump WonWelcome to troll country, Mama Gump.
  13. post-election mourning
    Miley Cyrus Attempts Optimism in Election Video“Thank you, Hillary, for inspiring all of us.”
  14. twitter talk
    Lady Gaga Slams Melania Trump on Anti-BullyingShe tweeted the comments in response to Melania’s speech in Philadelphia.
  15. twitter talk
    Natalie Maines Is Already Too Busy for Next CMAsNew phone, who dis?
  16. rose mcgowan
    Rose McGowan Demands That Hollywood Stop Enabling Sexual Predators“Stop rewarding sociopaths.”
  17. rose mcgowan
    Rose McGowan: ‘My Ex Sold Our Movie to My Rapist’“My ex sold our movie to my rapist for distribution.”
  18. twitter talk
    Simone Biles Wants the Final 5 to Host SNLLorne, it’s your move.
  19. twitter talk
    Mark Ruffalo Addresses Concerns Over Trans Insensitivity on TwitterTrans actress Jen Richards called out the actor, and now he’s reponding.
  20. twitter talk
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Directed Edward SnowdenThe former NSA employee is the internet’s most charming expat in exile.
  21. casting couch
    Sarah Paulson Joins Ryan Murphy’s FeudIt was only a matter of time.
  22. twitter talk
    Iggy Kind of Responds to That Erykah Badu DisThe flurry of posts discusses her horses and her next album.
  23. twitter talk
    Look at Tyler’s Cryptic Odd Future Tweets[Tear.]
  24. twitter talk
    The Best Answers From Kendrick’s Twitter Q&AHis favorite rapper right now is Earl Sweatshirt.
  25. twitter talk
    Norm Macdonald Binge-Tweeted a Behind-the-Scenes Tell-All About SNL 40Eddie Murphy was supposed to be Cosby in Celebrity Jeopardy.
  26. twitter talk
    Twitter Suggests All the Letterman Replacements the Mind Can ConceiveSpeculation nation.
  27. twitter talk
    Twitter Loved and Hated That Breaking Bad Finale, Because It’s TwitterBecause that’s how Twitter rolls.
  28. twitter talk
    The Best Tweets From Last Night’s Catfish Midseason ReunionTwitter talk around Catfish’s mid-season check-in resembled the idle gossip at a typical class reunion.