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Richelle Meiss (@reeshmeese) on How Nothing Is Too Private for Twitter

Richelle Meiss is an actor, comic, and writer in Los Angeles. You might have seen her in commercials for Heineken, Kohl’s, eBay, and more. Catch her upcoming show The Bachelor Musical Parody at UCB and subscribe to her YouTube channel to see [...]

By Karen Chee

Caitlin Kunkel (@KunkelTron) on Tweeting Lots of Tiny Observations

Caitlin Kunkel is a comedy writer and satirist who lives in Brooklyn. She created and teaches the Online Satire program for The Second City and is a co-founder of the comedy and satire site for female writers, The Belladonna. Her first [...]

By Karen Chee

@AyoEdebiri on Everyday Absurdity and Cool Teens

Ayo Edebiri is a Boston-born, Brooklyn-based comedian and writer. She wasn't good enough for the Celtics but is making this comedy thing work. She's in the sketch group Lo-Fi and currently works at The Rundown on BET. 

By Karen Chee

Larry Owens (@larryowenslive) Is Searching for a Twitter Bae

Larry Owens is a multi-hyphenate millennial living on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He’s an actor, writer, singer, and comedian currently writing for truTV’s new game show Paid Off. Check out his website www.larryowenslive.com and social media [...]

By Karen Chee