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Two And A Half Men

  1. 7 of the Most Confusing Twists in Comedy HistoryThere’s no shortage of confusing behavior going on in the entertainment industry. At this stage, the job description for becoming a celebrity […]
  2. The Big Bang Theory’s Creator Trolled Trump Over Apprentice Ratings Last Night“Defeat terrorism and crazy dictators? He couldn’t even defeat Two and a Half Men.”
  3. roll clip!
    Hugh Grant on Not Doing Two and a Half Men“They didn’t have a script or a new character. They just said ‘Trust us, we’ll create one.’”
  4. When ‘Two and a Half Men’ and ‘CSI’ Crossed Over, for Some Reason ‘Structurally Sound’ is a recurring feature where each week a different structurally unusual, rule-breaking anomaly of an episode from a […]
  5. charlie sheen
    9 Things You Learn About Charlie Sheen From Reading Jon Cryer’s MemoirHe saw Mary Poppins before a drug binge.
  6. Being a ‘Difficult’ Woman on TV and the Refreshing Brilliance of ‘The […]When the history of ‘90s sitcoms is told through televised romans à clef, it is, of course, the writers who get the last word. Tension between […]
  7. 15.6 Million People Watched Robin Williams’ New Sitcom; Twice As Many As […]Robin Williams’ new sitcom The Crazy Ones debuted on CBS last night after uber-hit The Big Bang Theory and did very well for itself, […]
  8. tv
    We’re Not Rid of Two and a Half Men Just YetCBS and Warner Bros. want an eleventh season.
  9. kiss and make up
    Les Moonves Not Thrilled With Angus T. Jones“By the way, he’s still collecting his $300,000 per week.”
  10. Rainn Wilson Spoofs Angus T. JonesStop watching this filth!
  11. apologies
    Angus T. Jones Apologizes for Men-BashingA quick end to the “please stop filling your head with filth” movement.
  12. to kutch or not to kutch
    God Has Nothing to Do With Two and a Half Men’s Uncertain FutureCBS’s internal debate about whether to bring the ten-year-old hit back for more.
  13. two and a half men
    Watch One Comic Audition for the Kid From Two and a Half Men’s JobAt $350,000 per episode, we’d like in, too.
  14. god stuff
    Two and a Half Men’s Angus T. Jones Wants OutBecause the show goes against his Christian beliefs.
  15. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Conan’s New Look Caught Simon Baker Off GuardPlus: Adam Levine partied with Prince, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  16. two and a half men
    Check Out Stills of Miley Cyrus on Two and a Half MenDoes the haircut count as another half a man?
  17. fall tv 2012
    Can NBC Comedies Survive? and Five Other Burning Questions About Thursday NightsWhat’s at stake for Glee this season?
  18. casting couch
    Miley Cyrus to Romance Half-ManShe’s heading to Two and a Half Men.
  19. The Lost Projects of Chuck LorreChuck Lorre’s name may not inspire the same kind of admiration in the hearts of comedy fans as  hipper auteurs like Judd Apatow, Tina Fey, Dan […]
  20. upfronts 2012
    CBS Knows Two and a Half Men Is Showing Its AgeUnpacking the network’s fall schedule.
  21. upfronts 2012
    Network Status Update: Good Old Reliable CBSIt had the biggest new comedy hit (2 Broke Girls) but a handful of drama duds (A Gifted Man, Unforgettable).
  22. sexism
    Two and a Half Men Creator Made Some Unfunny, Misogynistic JokesMore than usual, we mean.
  23. 2 broke girls
    Watch a Seething-Mad Fake Commercial for 2 Broke Girls (NSFW)“Look! It’s a nerdy Japanese guy!”
  24. ghosts
    Kathy Bates to Guest-Star As Charlie’s Ghost on Two and a Half MenSheen’s television afterlife takes an unexpected turn.
  25. beefs
    Charlie Sheen Is Tired of Pretending Ashton Kutcher ‘Doesn’t Suck’“I just feel bad for him. He’s saddled with such bad writing.”
  26. ratings
    NBC Can Exhale: Smash Didn’t BombIt did fine, while The Voice was huge.
  27. guest stars
    Patton Oswalt Heading to Two and a Half MenAs a faux Steve Wozniak.
  28. sheeniac
    A Calm Charlie Sheen on His New Sitcom, His Old Sitcom, and Poop Jokes“We’re not going to do the obvious. We’re going to stay away from it.”
  29. beefs
    Chuck Lorre: ‘I Should Have Walked’ When Charlie Sheen Pulled a Knife“This was big-time cocaine.”
  30. slideshow
    Which TV Show Rich People Hate the Most, and 27 Other Unexpected Ratings FactsWhat reality show mesmerizes kids ages 2-5? How many NBC shows does it take to equal the audience for NCIS?
  31. Judy Greer on The Descendants, Befriending the Other Woman, and Always Playing the Sidekick“I did have a while where I was like, ‘Well, I’ve already been the best friend to all of the Jennifers.’”
  32. Mimi Rogers to Mother Ashton Kutcher on MenWho does she remind us of …
  33. Is the 2011-2012 Sitcom Schedule the Worst in a Decade?Every year in the fall, and then again in the middle of winter, we get our hopes up for some of the new network sitcoms that are set to […]
  34. junk
    Watch a Supercut of All the ‘Penis’ and ‘Vagina’ Shout-outs on Fall TVWe are immature, we know.
  35. ratings
    How Is CBS Faring This Season in a Post-Sheen World?’2 Broke Girls’ is showing signs of strength, but ‘Person of Interest’ isn’t building on what a fading ‘CSI’ did last year.
  36. ratings
    Two and a Half Men Loses Half Its Premiere AudienceKutcher’s one-year contract may prove prescient.
  37. the industry
    Why You Can Thank Modern Family for the Sitcom RenaissanceEven though others will tell you that our nation wants to laugh in tough times and blah blah blah.
  38. making the sausage
    Polone: Why TV Shouldn’t Be So Afraid of the Word Fuck’Two and a Half Men’ can be filthy, but has to stop at a word that is all over YouTube.
  39. ratings
    CBS Comedies Have a Great NightTwenty million people watched ‘Two and a Half Men.’
  40. ratings
    CBS and Fox Both Claim Premiere Week Ratings VictoriesMost networks saw audience levels decline a bit
  41. sheeniac
    Sheen Roast Nearly Sets Comedy Central Ratings RecordBut a dude who plays with puppets is still No. 1.
  42. premiere week ratings
    Premiere Week Ratings: A Great Night for CBS, Bad One for The Playboy Club’Two and a Half Men’ boosted everything on CBS.
  43. reboots
    As Promised, Two and a Half Men With Ashton Kutcher Is Still Two and Half MenSleazy, misogynistic, bitter. Hooray!
  44. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Ashton Kutcher Wants to Use Charlie Sheen’s Angel DustPlus: Charlie Sheen, Zooey Deschanel, and Steve Buscemi blow up today’s lineup on our daily late-night roundup.
  45. fall tv 2011
    The Five Biggest Risks of the New Fall TV SeasonSpending millions on the dinosaurs of ‘Terra Nova’ and tempting ‘Mad Men’ comparisons, for example.
  46. clickables
    See Ashton Kutcher Sing in the Revised Two and a Half Men OpeningSinging the ‘Men’ song.
  47. friendship
    Jon Cryer Never Managed to Get Charlie Sheen’s Phone NumberBut Sheen got his.
  48. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Ashton Kutcher Feared Joining the ‘Two and a Half Men’ MêléePlus: Rashida Jones had to kiss a lot of girls, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  49. money
    Ashton Kutcher Is Making $500,000 Less Than Charlie Sheen Per EpisodeWhich means he’s making …
  50. tv
    This Is How Charlie Sheen Dies on Two and a Half MenGruesomely!
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