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  1. the devil all the time
    In The Devil All the Time, Jason Clarke Finally Embraces the CuckFor years, Jason Clarke has been Hollywood’s go-to cuckold. The new Netflix drama is a landmark role — his first time playing an actual cuck.
  2. typecasting
    Sam Rockwell Is Ready to Take ‘a Long Break’ From Playing Racists“I played a lot of rednecks — ‘country’ is probably a better way to put it.”
  3. last night on late night
    Jason Mantzoukas Looks Back on His Scumbag Roles“I played a number of scumbags on that show.”
  4. type casting
    Elizabeth Olsen Asked to Play Michelle TannerNo way, José!
  5. typecasting
    Why More Actors Should Be Cast Against TypeIt’s how some of the great stars in recent years have been born.
  6. true blood
    True Blood’s Lafayette Does Not Want to be Typecast“I’m like, ‘Damn, that’s a little closed-minded.’”
  7. typecasting
    Shakira Video Snubs Redhead Who Got Shot in the Head in M.I.A. VideoBut it has nothing to do with anti-redhead sentiment.
  8. typecasting
    Zac Efron Won’t Be Kicking Off His Sunday Shoes, After AllHe’s dropped out of ‘Footloose’ because he’s afraid of being typecast.