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  1. what?
    Tom Hanks Gives Bullied Boy Named Corona Typewriter, Gives Bullies New MaterialJust what every bullied kid needs.
  2. roll clip!
    The Late Sam Shepard Discusses Playwriting in a Clip From California TypewriterShepard is one of many typewriter aficionados who appear in the documentary.
  3. short stories
    Tom Hanks Has a Short Story in The New Yorker“Alan Bean Plus Four.”
  4. typewriters
    For Sale: Updike’s TypewriterThe late John Updike’s Olympia “electric 65c” typewriter is expected to fetch $4,000 to $6,000 when it’s auctioned by Christie’s today.
  5. typewriters
    Cormac McCarthy to Sell Magic TypewriterThis Friday, Cormac McCarthy will auction off the portable Olivetti manual typewriter on which he wrote ‘The Road’ and other novels.