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Tyra Banks

  1. first looks
    Tyra Banks Slips Back Into Her Capri Pants for This Life Size 2 First LookShine bright, shine far!
  2. life-size 2
    Tyra Banks Gets Her Life-Size 2 Human Co-Star and It’s Not Lindsay LohanFrancia Raisa famously donated her kidney to save Selena Gomez’s life.
  3. Tyra Banks Is Ready for the Next LevelThe America’s Next Top Model creator wants to become so boss, she doesn’t have to get a ‘yes’ from anyone.
  4. flashbacks
    Tyra Banks Addresses ‘We Were All Rooting for You!’She might edit out that outburst, if she had it to do over again.
  5. america's next top model
    America’s Next Top Model Will Include a Drag Race Crossover Next SeasonThe season will premiere on VH1 on January 9.
  6. America’s Got Talent Contestant Accuses Tyra Banks of Humiliating a ChildBanks allegedly “physically manipulated and verbally abused” the contestant’s daughter.
  7. needed sequels
    A Life-Size Sequel With Tyra Banks Is Officially Coming to FreeformNo Lohan, though.
  8. something to smize about
    You Can Now Smize at Any Age on America’s Next Top ModelBooty tooching for all!
  9. Gina Rodriguez, Elle Fanning, and 5 Other Actresses Who Should Play BarbieNow that Amy Schumer has dropped out of the project, who should fill Barbie’s shoes?
  10. tyra mail
    Tyra Banks Is Returning As Host of America’s Next Top Model (Sorry, Rita Ora)Now if only Janice Dickinson would come back, too.
  11. super smizing
    Tyra Banks Will Bring Reality-Competition-Hosting Skills to America’s Got TalentAmerica’s talented better get smizing.
  12. boy bye
    Tyra Banks and Jessica Alba Pull Brands From Celebrity Apprentice Over TrumpSome Tyra Mail for you, President Trump.
  13. rip vine
    The Great, Weird, and Sometimes Halfhearted Legacy of Celebrity Vine AccountsRIP Vine, you will be missed.
  14. the videodome
    Drake Gets the Wrath of Tyra Banks in His New ‘Childs Play’ VideoMmmm, cheesecake.
  15. smizing
    Rita Ora Will Host America’s Next Top ModelStart smizing.
  16. the industry
    Tyra Banks Is Hosting a Start-up CompetitionIt’s a reality show where start-up founders compete for funding.
  17. you wanna be on top?
    ANTM Will Return to VH1 Without Tyra BanksIt’s the end of a Ty-era.
  18. super smizing
    The 15 Craziest Tyra Banks Moments on America’s Next Top ModelTyra being Tyra, cycle after cycle.
  19. reality rumble
    Reality Battle: Top Chef vs. Top ModelMeticulous cooking vs. the all-about-Tyra show!
  20. last night on late night
    Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Big Boy’ Tom Hardy ComplexPlus: Mary Louise Parker got curiously sensitive, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  21. reality tv
    Top Model Announces All-Star SeasonWhat took so long?
  22. cw
    CW Gives Five Shows Early RenewalsModels and rich kids and vampires, oh my!
  23. tyra banks
    Attention Harvard Kids, Tyra Banks May Be Living in Your DormImagine the fights with her RA.
  24. tv
    Top Model Moves Back to Avoid American IdolStarting April 20.
  25. clickables
    Watch Tyra Banks Play Some Extra-Cruel Mind Games with the ANTM SemifinalistsLife is a zig-zag.
  26. clickables
    Watch Tyra Banks Parody Most Top Model ContestantsIn this promo for Cycle 16, the naive blonde, the aggressive black girl, and the too-cool goth all come in for a skewering.
  27. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls’ Top Ten Reality-Show JudgesSimon, Gail, Janice, and TV’s other most judgmental people…in the best possible way.
  28. ellen degeneres
    DeGeneres Show to Remain on NBC Stations Through 2014Oprah’s ABC time slot remains vacant.
  29. the industry
    Justin Bartha to Flex His PipesPlus: ‘The Addams Family’ and zombies!
  30. oprahpocalypse
    Who Will Be the Next Oprah?Speculation abounds.
  31. Despite Falling Audience Numbers, a Desirable Demo Keeps the CW in BusinessIt doesn’t matter if you lose overall viewers if you gain in the right segments.
  32. last night's gig
    Golem Celebrate 3,000 Years of Beautiful Tradition, StarbucksSpastic chicken dancing, Yiddish love songs, unsupervised children running around hopped up on sugar!
  33. the industry
    Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher Announce Plans for ‘America’s Next Punk’d Model’Plus: The Rock as the Tooth Fairy!
  34. the industry
    Julianne Moore, Robin Wright Penn, and Winona Ryder Explore Their ‘Private Lives’Plus industry news on Kelis, Tyra, and Cosette.
  35. the industry
    Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore Will Play Big Edie and Little EdiePlus industry news on Tobey Maguire, Sarah Jones, and Steven Seagal!
  36. news reel
    TV Upfronts: What’s New on CW
  37. overnights
    Tyrade!: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Picks a Winner
  38. quote machine
    Tracy Morgan, Master of Romance
  39. overnights
    Tyrades!: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Gets Nasty
  40. overnights
    Tyrade!: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Gets Phototastic!
  41. overnights
    Tyrades!: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Culls Banks’ Greatest Hits