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  1. chat room
    Tyrese Gibson Is Glad He Got Talked Into Going to Space in Fast 9“I had to ask them, were they serious? Then I asked them again.”
  2. movie review
    F9 Brings an Improbably Good Gearhead Daddy-Issues Opera HomeCinéma, it lives.
  3. grammys 2016
    Watch the Grammys Lionel Richie Medley Say ‘Hello’ to Everyone But AdeleTalk about a missed opportunity.
  4. $$$
    Tyrese Bought His Daughter an Entire IslandHey Tyrese, wanna pay off my student debt?
  5. the art of trolling
    Amber Tamblyn Trolled Tyrese, Pretending to be Amber RoseShe made a few “Awareness Raps,” and they are great.
  6. black history month
    Watch Tyrese Gibson’s Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Hot guy thoughtful.
  7. tyrese
    Watch Tyrese’s Creepy, Patronizing Rant About What’s Wrong With ‘Independent’ WomenTyrese is apparently very angry about the boldness of some “independent women” (cover your ears, Destiny’s Child).
  8. quote machine
    Tyrese Just Inconsolable About Megan Fox’s Transformers ExitPlus: Music business to collapse any minute now.
  9. quote machine
    Anthony Hopkins Wishes That You Damn Kids Would Just Speak Up, AlreadyPlus: Mickey Rourke’s love knows no bounds.
  10. the industry
    Bruce Campbell to Once More Wear the Chainsaw Arm in Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead 4’?Plus: Does the ‘Thundercats’ movie have its Panthro?