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  1. ugh
    Jake Paul Insists He Didn’t Participate in the Looting He FilmedPaul and his friends posted videos from inside an Arizona mall.
  2. apologies
    Shrek Writer Apologizes for N-Word TweetThe Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter says it was a ‘mistake’ using the racial slur when analogizing it to the term ‘anti-vax.’
  3. ugh
    Viggo Mortensen Apologizes for Saying N-Word, Mahershala Ali Calls It ‘Hurtful’Mahershala Ali said his use of the word was “hurtful.”
  4. kanye has spoken
    Kanye at It AgainThe Fader, however, edited his remarks on Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
  5. ugh
    Damon Wayans Has a Pretty Bad Theory About Bill Cosby’s ‘Unrapeable’ AccusersWayans has a lot of thoughts about Cosby’s legal troubles, and unfortunately, he has now shared them.
  6. ugh
    Leaked Email: Marvel CEO Not So Hot on Female Superhero MoviesWe don’t know the context, but it doesn’t look great.
  7. oof
    Watch a Supercut of Every Single Grunt From Season 4 of Game of ThronesSeriously, every single one.
  8. ugh
    Rihanna and Chris Brown Will Never Stop Trolling This EarthThey’re getting lovey on Instagram.
  9. ugh
    Who Wants to See the Trailer for Uwe Boll’s Holocaust Movie?We will probably skip this one.