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  1. agenda
    Pimp C Remembered With Album Worthy of UGK LegacyMorose, accusatory, and nostalgic, II Trill is a heavy slab of Bun B’s psyche on wax.
  2. quote machine
    Diablo Cody, Self-Proclaimed Idiot SavantPlus quotes from Lupe Fiasco, Milo Ventimiglia, and Ian McShane.
  3. right-click
    RIP Pimp CPlus: Deerhoof!
  4. right-click
    Lupe Fiasco Gets Progressively WorsePlus: Ghostface the neat freak?
  5. right-click
    Tupac Shows Up 50 Cent From Beyond the GraveFoo Fighters, PJ Harvey, and more!
  6. right-click
    Beastie Boys, What the Funk?!?