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  1. uh oh
    HBO’s Naomi Watts Game of Thrones Prequel Is DeadThere were reportedly many “issues” when filming the pilot.
  2. uh oh
    Moviepass Is Shut Down for Maintenance That Could Take WeeksThat’s right, weeks.
  3. uh-oh
    Footage From Dog’s Purpose Shows Petrified PupOn-set footage shows a handler forcing a scared German shepherd to film a water scene.
  4. uh-oh
    Science Channel Pulls Pumpkin Show After InjuryPunkin Chunkin would’ve aired on November 26.
  5. uh-oh
    Josh Trank Leaves Star Wars FilmThe force is with Trank, but he’s not a Jedi yet.
  6. uh-oh
    HBO Cracks Down on Williamsburg Bar for Screening Game of ThronesWomp womp.
  7. uh-oh
    E.L. James Wants Control Over Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel Script – Uh-OhOh no.
  8. uh-oh
    Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut Won’t Make It to TheatersIt will be released in April via home entertainment instead.
  9. uh-oh
    Smash Gets Smooshed: It’s Banished to SaturdaysThis really isn’t a surprise.
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    Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Prosecuted For That Jewelry Heist [Updated]Phew.
  11. bad language
    Brett Ratner Explains That When Chris Tucker Calls Him a ‘Jew Boy,’ It’s With LoveUh-oh.
  12. uh-oh
    More Controversy for Lil Wayne’s New SingleWas the sample jacked?
  13. books
    Christian Production Company Worries Harry Potter Will Turn Children to Witchcraft, Devil WorshipA montage of concern.