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Under Oath

  1. the law
    Bill Cosby Loses Sex-Battery CaseA jury found him liable for the assault of a minor at the Playboy Mansion in the 1970s.
  2. deppositions
    Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard, the Shitshow Trial of the CenturyIt could have been a watershed moment for free speech. It wasn’t.
  3. rightful convictions
    Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction Upheld by New York Appeals CourtWeinstein claimed his defense was in a “stranglehold.”
  4. verdicts
    Johnny Depp Won His Defamation Trial Against Amber HeardShe was awarded $2 million for one of her competing defamation claims.
  5. courthouse chaos
    Johnny Depp Fans Are Out in Full Force As Trial Nears EndWhen the clock hit 12:50 a.m. Friday, bedlam unfolded outside the Fairfax, Virginia, court parking garage.
  6. nihilism
    Does the Johnny Depp Trial Have a Point?Experts weigh in on the great nihilistic trial of 2022.
  7. stan culture
    Amber Heard Addresses Johnny Depp Stans and Social Media in New TestimonyShe told the jury that Depp promised her “global humiliation.”
  8. under oath
    Kate Moss Denies Ex Johnny Depp Pushed Her Down the StairsThe trial is nearing its end.
  9. chemistry tests
    The Great Debate Over Amber Heard and Jason Momoa’s ChemistryIs this even a thing in superhero movies?
  10. work wife
    Jason Momoa Apparently Pushed for Amber Heard to Keep Her Aquaman 2 RoleAccording to expert testimony in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial.
  11. exes
    Kate Moss Will Testify Wednesday in Johnny Depp’s TrialDepp’s team is also planning on calling him back to the stand later this week as a rebuttal witness.
  12. jealousy jealousy
    Ellen Barkin Calls Ex Johnny Depp a ‘Jealous Man’“I never heard from him again after that.”
  13. unravelings
    Johnny Depp Couldn’t Get His Shit Together, Ex-Agent TestifiesAmber Heard’s witnesses describe her ex-husband’s apparent unraveling.
  14. under oath
    Amber Heard’s Ex–Best Friend Testified ‘Hair Was Ripped Out of Her Head’Amber Heard’s sister also took the stand.
  15. toxic love notes
    Amber Heard Addresses James Franco Elevator Video in CourtAmber Heard’s cross-examination ended today after back-and-forth about entries in Heard and Depp’s love journal.
  16. under oath
     Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Starts to Cross-Examine Amber Heard Things are going to get even uglier.
  17. the lost kingdom
    Amber Heard Says Her Aquaman 2 Role Was ‘Pared Down’She claims Johnny Depp damaged her reputation by calling her abuse allegations a “hoax.”
  18. allegations
    How Amber Heard ‘Figured Out’ Johnny Depp Lost His FingerAmber Heard sobbed at points during her second day of testimony.
  19. under oath
    Amber Heard Testifies ‘Cocaine Johnny’ Is ‘Different From Quaaludes Johnny’Alleging a pattern of Johnny Depp’s drug use and abuse.
  20. under oath
    The Most Surreal, Reality-TV-Worthy Moments From Blac Chyna v. The KardashiansThis week on ‘Keeping Up With the Court Cases,’ Pete Davidson pops up.
  21. lovegame
    Even Lady Gaga’s Ex Says Amber Heard Didn’t Love Elon MuskOne of the richest rebounds in the world.