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Undercover Boss

  1. candy
    Key & Peele Keep It Real on Undercover Boss“Don’t nobody want to hear your bullshit, newbie!”
  2. ratings
    How Is CBS Faring This Season in a Post-Sheen World?’2 Broke Girls’ is showing signs of strength, but ‘Person of Interest’ isn’t building on what a fading ‘CSI’ did last year.
  3. breaking
    CBS Greenlights Amazing Race and Undercover BossPhil Keoghan’s eyebrow will remain arched a bit longer.
  4. the industry
    Industry: January Jones in X-Men: First ClassPlus: Bond writers get a job.
  5. head scratchers
    Undercover Boss Is ‘The Breakout Hit of the Year’Americans like the darnedest things.
  6. flukes
    38 Million Tune Into Undercover BossOver 38 million people forgot to change the channel after the game ended last night.