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    Revisiting Adam Resnick’s Brilliant 2014 Memoir With Tom Scharpling“It’s just the funniest book I’ve ever read.”
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    A Shout-Out to Coach Beard and Brendan Hunt, the Quiet Hero of Ted LassoAshley Nicole Black of A Black Lady Sketch Show breaks down his greatness.
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    It’s Never Too Late to Step Inside the Onion’s Sex HouseRevisiting the brilliant 2012 web series with comedy writer Jen Spyra.
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    Why Robert Benchley Was the Master of Comedy About NothingA chat with Merrill Markoe about what she learned from her favorite Algonquin humorist.
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    It’s Always the Perfect Time to Watch Living SingleComedian and writer Yassir Lester explains why the ’90s Fox sitcom holds up so well.
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    Relax in the Warm TV Bath of The OrvilleComedian Moshe Kasher breaks down why he loves the Seth MacFarlane series so much.
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    How The Ben Stiller Show Influenced a Generation of Sketch-Comedy WritersSNL senior writer Bryan Tucker explains why the show is worth a rewatch.
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    This Just Might Be the Perfect Comedy SketchAccording to Seth Meyers.
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    Anthony Jeselnik Wants You to Fall Deep Into ClickHoleThe stand-up breaks down why he loves the humor site’s “absurd darkness” so much.
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    Before In Living Color, There Was Robert Townsend’s Partners in CrimeComedy writer-producer Diallo Riddle explains why these HBO specials deserve more recognition.
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    The Unique Beauty of Brother Theodore’s ‘Stand-up Tragedy’Penn Jillette breaks down why the late comedian deserves more recognition today.
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    Tim Heidecker Highly Recommends You Visit BranchburgNot a lot of people know Cory and Brendan’s comedy. Heidecker wants to change that.
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    Eddie Izzard on the Scene-Stealing Ensemble of Galaxy QuestTalking with the British comedian about why the 1999 comedy deserves more fans.
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    The Scammy Charm of Kaitlin Olson and The MickSNL cast member Chris Redd explains why he loves the canceled Fox comedy so much.
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    Why Aparna Nancherla Loves Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth SalarymanIt’s a food show, it’s a travel show, and it’s a truly unhinged comedy.
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    The Refreshingly Genuine Sweetness of Joe Pera Talks With YouSNL alum and A.P. Bio creator Mike O’Brien breaks down what makes this Adult Swim show so great.
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    How Phil Hendrie Transforms Stupidity Into Brilliant ComedyComedian Jon Glaser breaks down what makes Hendrie such a funny genius.
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    Why Kenan Thompson Is the Most Underrated SNL Cast Member EverComedian Ron Funches breaks down the unique genius of the longtime SNL star.
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    The ’90s Kids’ Shows That Informed Adam Conover’s Comedy the MostThe TruTV host breaks down why Square One TV and Beakman’s World were so influential.
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    What Joe Schmo 2 Taught John Levenstein About Crafting Surprising ComedyThe Kroll Show and Arrested Development writer-producer breaks down this reality-TV gem.
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    Emily Heller Explains Why Detroiters Is the Best Comedy You’re Not WatchingTim Robinson and Sam Richardson’s Comedy Central series deserves way more love.
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    It’s Time for SNL Alum Danitra Vance to Get Her DueComedian Marina Franklin breaks down why the underappreciated cast member deserves more recognition.
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    Inside Nighty Night and the Bravery of British Comedy With David CrossThe comedian breaks down why Julia Davis’s dark British comedy is so worth watching.
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    Tracing the Influence of Hollywood Shuffle With Open Mike EagleRapper and comedian Open Mike Eagle breaks down the trailblazing 1987 comedy.
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    Jessi Klein on the Offbeat, Anarchic Humor of The Young Ones“Mainly this unbridled expression of emotion on something that was technically a silly sitcom really tickled me.”
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    Adam Resnick Breaks Down the Surreal W.C. Fields Comedy Million Dollar Legs“It was so strange, it actually creeped me out a little. Which is my sweet spot, I guess.”
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    Wyatt Cenac on the Eddie Murphy–Produced CBS Pilot What’s Alan Watching?The comedian looks back on the bizarre pilot featuring Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Ellen Cleghorne, and more.
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    Macaulay Culkin Breaks Down the Brilliant Satire of Starship Troopers“You can’t really ask actors to act bad. You hire bad actors and just don’t say anything.”
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    Guy Branum Explains Why The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag Is UnderratedBranum highly recommends this deceptively silly 1992 film.
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    Lauren Lapkus Is the World’s Biggest Episodes Fan“I love it so much but I have no one to talk to about it.”
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    John Cleese on The Goon Show, His Earliest Comedy InfluenceTalking with the Monty Python member about Peter Sellers, failure, and why he prefers disrespectful interviewers.
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    Scott Thompson on CODCO, the Hidden Gem of NewfoundlandThe Kids in the Hall comedian explains why this Canadian sketch show is worth a watch.
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    Kay Cannon Wants More Shows Like Fleabag on TVThe 30 Rock alum breaks down why Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s comedy deserves more fans.
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    ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Explains Why Top Secret! Is the Funniest Film Ever Made“I didn’t mind a lack of cohesive plot. It just really appealed to me.”
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    Rob Corddry and Brian Huskey on Snuff Box and Why It’s Brilliant to Play Dumb“Right before this interview I was thinking, ‘Why don’t me and Huskey do our own show like this?’”
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    Neal Brennan on the Genius of Katt Williams’s Great America Opener“It’s like comedic malpractice. It shouldn’t work. But yet at the end of that 12-minute opener, I feel good. I’m in the palm of his hand.”
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    Better Off Ted Creator Victor Fresco on Why His Cult-Favorite Show Likely Got CanceledHe also worked on ‘Andy Richter Controls the Universe.’ Why don’t audiences like odd, clever comedies?