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Unfinished Business

  1. unfinished business
    A Guide to Orson Welles’s Other Unfinished MoviesThe legendary director’s career was filled with incomplete projects, reaching all the way back to before Citizen Kane.
  2. unfinished business
    Carrie Fisher Footage to Appear in Star Wars: Episode IX, According to BrotherFisher completed filming on The Last Jedi before her death.
  3. Netflix Picks Up Unfinished Orson Welles Movie The Other Side of the WindThe Other Side of the Wind was supposed to be Welles’s comeback, a movie that would outdo Citizen Kane.
  4. unfinished business
    TLC Says Its Long-Delayed Kickstarter-Backed Album Will Drop This Summer“The pursuit of excellence is never an easy task.”
  5. unfinished business
    Inside the New Met Breuer’s Housewarming ShowThe stories behind 500 years of “unfinished” artworks in one famous Brutalist redoubt.
  6. the industry
    Will Smith Does SyfyPlus: Anvil is totally going to be famous soon.