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  1. negotiations
    The WGA Reaches Tentative Deal With Studios, Combats ‘Rollbacks’ For WritersThe three year agreement includes higher residuals for writers on streaming shows and new paid parental leave program.
  2. coronavirus
    Broadway Reaches Emergency Agreement to Pay Workers During Coronavirus ClosureActors, musicians and theater staff are among those to receive several weeks of pay and benefits during the COVID-19 closure.
  3. solidarity forever
    BoJack Horseman’s Animators Have Voted to UnionizeAnimators have been wanting to unionize since season one.
  4. podcasts
    Gimlet Media’s Union Marks a Huge Moment for the Podcast IndustryA month after Spotify acquired the start-up, Gimlet employees are unionizing. Will other podcast companies follow suit?
  5. Inside The Onion, ClickHole, and The A.V. Club’s Vote to Unionize“The more publications we can get unionized right now, the better off the whole industry is going to be.”
  6. inaugeration 2017
    Rockettes Union: Inauguration Boycott ‘Invalid’“Any talk of boycotting this event is invalid.”
  7. Entertainment Workers’ Union Secures RaisesWhile other unions face freeze-outs.
  8. Political Comedy Loves the 80sRecently the news has been feeling a little too familiar. Old characters have been making comebacks, and old jokes have come out of retirement. […]
  9. unions
    Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard Get HitchedCongratulations to the happy couple!
  10. unions
    Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Get HitchedFor Mandy’s sake, we hope Ryan is less prolific with his marriages than he is at putting out new albums.
  11. supercouples
    Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Are Engaged! (Or Are They?)Are there any sensitive male indie rockers that are still single?
  12. unions
    Angela Chase Is Off the MarketWhat will Graham and Patty think?
  13. unions
    Lisa Loeb Finds Someone Who Will StayAnd no, it’s not Dweezil Zappa.