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United States Of Tara

  1. Diablo Cody on United States Of Tara, Navigating The Writer’s RoomIf there’s one thing Diablo Cody would do differently following United States of Tara’s cancellation earlier this week, it would be to write […]
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    Watch the Season Premieres of Nurse Jackie and United States of TaraEnjoy.
  3. HBO vs. Showtime: Battle of the Premium Cable ComediesEarlier this week, Showtime aired the premieres of Californication, now in its fourth season, and the brand new show Episodes. For years, the […]
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    Industry Roundup: Izzard, CranstonPlus: ‘Shark Night 3-D’ and “5nal Destination’ fill out their casts.
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    Diablo Cody on United States of Tara The writer talks about what went wrong with season one, why it’s harder to write TV than movies, and the pressure to do justice to ‘Sweet Valley High.’
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    United States of Tara Season Two Trailer Is Four Kinds of GlibIt’s so self-aware it hurts.
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    United States of Tara Season Finale: The Humpty Dumpty Dance’Tara’ delivered a surprising, plot-propelling reveal.
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    United States of Tara: Sex, Drugs, and Group TherapyAnd now, back to our regularly scheduled aggravation.
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    United States of Tara: And About Time, TooBring on the plot turning points!
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    United States of Tara: Who Loves You, Baby?While Alice traipses about, dreaming up baby names and charming the psychobabble off Tara’s shrink, the progeny delve into their own love-life dramas.
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    United States of Tara: Nip/BuckTara acts as Charmaine’s “booby buddy” during her recovery from surgery.
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    United States of Tara Hits Its StrideA pissing personality, an increasingly interesting hubby, appallingly jerkish in-laws, and a botched boob job!
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    United States of Tara Adding Another ‘Alter’Fingers crossed it’s a Hooverville-dwelling hobo!
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    United States of Tara: It’s Gentleman’s TimeThis week, boys and their … proclivities.
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    United States of Tara: We’re Thinking FivesomeThis episode deals with an issue typical of suburban marriages: trouble in the bedroom.
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    United States of Tara: Spotting the Diablo Cody-ismsCan Cody resist a Juno retread and rise to the demands required by her new Showtime series?
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    Television Promises to Suck Significantly Less Than the Movies This JanuaryHint: It might be time to invest in a second Snuggie.
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    ‘United States of Tara’ Streams Online; Live-Tweeting ImminentCan’t get enough of Diablo Cody’s personal Twitter? Then you’re going to love her live-tweeting her own show.
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    Crime Does Not Pay for T.I., Other Than the Salary for His New MoviePlus: Diablo Cody’s series is headed to Showtime, and the Farley name lives on.
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    Michael Bay Is the Alfred Hitchcock Our Era DeservesAlso: Nas responds to Def Jam in a totally reasonable manner!