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Universal Pictures

  1. a lil twisted
    Knock, Knock! Shyamalan’s Next Twist Gets Release DatePack your bags for a trip to the cabin.
  2. industry goss
    Christopher Nolan Takes His Next Film to Universal PicturesFriendship over with Warner Bros., now Universal is his best friend.
  3. in remembrance
    Push Me to the Edge, Universal’s Monsterverse Is (Reportedly) DeadWriter-producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, Dark Universe’s main architects, have exited.
  4. photo shoots
    How That Amazingly Terrible Universal-Monster-Universe Cast Photo HappenedUniversal’s ridiculously serious Dark Universe publicity photo was a composite, which only makes it more fun.
  5. lawsuits
    Universal Pictures Sued for Warcraft TextsPeople really don’t like being spammed.
  6. get well get well soon we want you to get well
    Angelina Jolie Is Missing Her Movie Premiere Because of Chicken Pox“Such is life.”
  7. change of plans
    How Will the Studios Handle Paul Walker’s Death?His last three films have yet to be released.
  8. in production
    Jennifer Lawrence Will Be East of Eden’s Leading LadyHunger Games’ Gary Ross will direct.
  9. box office gold
    Snow White Handily Beats Abysmal ExpectationsUniversal execs everywhere unclench.
  10. remakes
    Jaws to Return in 3-D?With, uh, Tracy Morgan?!?!
  11. posterized
    Oops! Universal Leaves Black Actors Off of Foreign PosterUnless this is a new form of viral marketing.
  12. bizarre marketing campaigns
    Universal’s Fourth Kind Marketing Campaign BackfiresWho would have thought ‘The Nome Nugget’ was a real newspaper?