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  1. vulture lists
    Which Taken Knockoff Is the Best? We Ranked All 14 of ThemWhich Taken clones are actually worth your time?
  2. movie posters
    The 6 Ugliest Paintings of Liam NeesonIn real life, Liam Neeson is a very handsome man. As a painting, not so much.
  3. careers
    How Liam Neeson Became the Modern Charles BronsonSince 2009’s Taken, action movies have come to define this once rangy actor.
  4. Your Box Office Explained: Liam Neeson Shows Alex Pettyfer How It’s Done’Unknown’ wins the weekend.
  5. weekend box office
    Unknown Angling to Win the Holiday WeekendWhile Adam Sandler hangs in there.
  6. the star market
    The Star Market: Can January Jones Successfully Go From Betty to the Big Screen?“I don’t really know what her range is; for that matter, I don’t know what her ambitions are,” says one top agent.
  7. movie review
    Movie Review: Another Thrill Ride for Liam Neeson in UnknownThe movie is lean and fast and endlessly upending, and unlike most modern crash-and-bash films, you can actually follow the car chases and fisticuffs.
  8. trailer mix
    Unknown Trailer: Liam Neeson Fights Everyone in a Foreign City, AgainThis time, he’s out to get back his identity.