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Unnecessary Remakes

  1. unnecessary remakes
    Joe Carnahan’s ‘Re-Imagining’ of The Raid Sounds Very Different From The RaidBut it does sound very cool.
  2. unnecessary remakes
    The Lost Boys TV Series in the Works at the CWFrom Veronica Mars and iZombie creator Rob Thomas.
  3. unnecessary remakes
    Clue Might Be Your Next Board-Game-Movie RebootExpect candlesticks to make a big comeback as murder weapons.
  4. unnecessary remakes
    The Exorcist Is Becoming a TV PilotThe power of money compels you!
  5. the industry
    Jake Kasdan Will Direct That Jumanji Remake You Might Have Heard AboutDid you forget about this? Still happening.
  6. unnecessary remakes
    Memento Remake in the WorksFrom AMBI Pictures.
  7. She’s All That Is Getting a RemakeBecause that hasn’t been done before …
  8. british tv
    Luther Getting an American RemakeFinally, a cop show!
  9. unnecessary remakes
    Lifetime Is Making a Flowers in the Attic MovieWith Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn. Really!
  10. familiar feelings
    Evil Dead: 4 Reasons Why Most Horror Remakes FailIt’s scary how bloodless they can be.
  11. unnecessary remakes
    Now They’re Rebooting Pete’s DragonStop your clamoring! Disney finally heard you!
  12. unnecessary remakes
    Jumanji Remake Hires Stranger Than Fiction ScreenwriterZach Helm, who also did Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.
  13. unnecessary remakes
    Syfy Considering a Waterworld TV SeriesWell, pinch my gills and call me the Mariner.
  14. unnecessary remakes
    Total Recall Fails to Unseat Dark Knight RisesBut still had a robust opening weekend.
  15. unnecessary remakes
    Guys, We Do Not Need to Remake JumanjiBut they’re going to anyway.
  16. unnecessary remakes
    NBC Staging a New Sound of MusicHow do you solve a problem like casting a new Sound of Music?
  17. unnecessary remakes
    Dirty Dancing Reboot Mercifully PostponedLea Michele screen-tested for it.
  18. unnecessary remakes
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Working on a Little Shop of Horrors Remake He don’t give me orders, he don’t condescend.
  19. unnecessary remakes
    Daredevil Reboot Being Written AgainThey’ve got a year left to erase the Ben Affleck version within a single decade.
  20. unnecessary remakes
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch Getting a Live-Action Superhero RebootRemember her?
  21. unnecessary remakes
    Glee’s Brad Falchuk Will Write the Dirty Dancing RemakeIt’s a musical.
  22. unnecessary remakes
    Adam Sandler Producing a Summer School RemakeVia his production company, Happy Madison.
  23. unnecessary remakes
    Suspicion Is This Week’s Alfred Hitchcock AdaptationWritten by The Killing showrunner Veena Sud.
  24. unnecessary remakes
    DreamWorks Is Remaking Alfred Hitchcock’s RebeccaFinally!
  25. movies
    Lily Collins to Play Lead in Evil Dead RemakeFrom Snow White to the Necronomicon.
  26. remakes
    Someone’s Remaking Godzilla — Sigh — AgainWho could ever have imagined such a thing?