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  1. TV’s New Favorite Thing Is the Surprise ReleaseAnd it might kill the people who cover television.
  2. surprise!
    UnREAL Season 4 Is Streaming on Hulu Right NowThe show’s fourth and final season gets a surprise release.
  3. UnREAL’s Constance Zimmer on Directing Herself“I always forgot to say cut! I never remembered.”
  4. unreal
    UnREAL Will Reportedly End With Season 4 on HuluAnd it’s been shortened to eight episodes.
  5. UnREAL’s Showrunner on What’s Next for Rachel and Quinn“I firmly believe that this is the love story of the series.”
  6. overnights
    UnREAL Season-Finale Recap: I Choose MeCan Rachel stay away from Everlasting for good?
  7. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Who Can You Trust?Rachel Goldberg might be the least predictable character in TV history.
  8. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Hometown HeroesThe Everlasting crew sets off for Frontier Creek, Colorado.
  9. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Symptoms of WithdrawalThis Rachel reckoning has been a long time coming.
  10. UnREAL Star Brandon Jay McLaren on Dr. Simon’s Big ‘Conundrum’“The Rachel vortex is apparently a real thing.”
  11. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: The Man Bun InquisitionWho did the cutting of August’s beloved man bun?
  12. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Oh No!Another week of UnREAL, another week where I don’t really know what essential honesty is.
  13. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Essential HonestyWhy in the world is Serena on a silly show like Everlasting?
  14. overnights
    UnREAL Season Premiere Recap: I Don’t Think She’s Got It AnymoreWelcome back to this rosy-hued funhouse mirror of reality TV.
  15. tv review
    In Its Third Season, UnREAL Returns to FormIt’s always thinking simultaneously about the visceral pleasures it’s providing and the thoughts it’s planting in our heads.
  16. Can UnREAL Rebound in Season 3?After a sophomore slump, a long hiatus, and behind-the-scenes shake-ups, can Lifetime save its breakout hit?
  17. UnReal Season 3 Trailer: ‘Let’s Get This Sausage Party Started’Returning to Lifetime February 26, 2018.
  18. profile
    Marti Noxon Isn’t Afraid of the ‘Ugly Stuff’Having honed her black humor on Buffy and Mad Men, she’s ready for her newfound role — as Hollywood’s go-to bard of “dark-hearted bitches.”
  19. casting couch
    UnREAL Season 3 Casts Caitlin FitzGerald As Its First Female SuitorEverlasting is getting a shake-up.
  20. year in culture 2016
    29 Very Black Things That Happened on TV in 2016Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, Atlanta’s Juneteenth episode, and so much more.
  21. unreal
    UnREAL Season 3 Will Have First Female SuitorUnREAL is going after The Bachelorette this time.
  22. lists
    What TV Gets Wrong About Mental IllnessDespite some bright spots, most TV shows still don’t understand mental illness.
  23. chat room
    UnREAL’s Denée Benton on Why Ruby Is Important“Ruby gets to be the center of a love story. It’s something you don’t get to see very often.”
  24. overnights
    UnREAL Season-Finale Recap: History MadeThis season has been a tremendous failure.
  25. postmortem
    UnREAL’s Producers on the Season 2 Finale and What’s Next for the Show“Feeling or being unlovable is a core question for this series.”
  26. chat room
    UnREAL’s Meagan Tandy on Playing Chantal, BLM“Unfortunately the timing of them getting pulled over by the police is just so terrible with what’s currently going on.”
  27. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Living the Dream“Espionage” doesn’t reckon with anything we’ve learned this season.
  28. the vulture tv podcast
    The Second-Season Slump and When TV Shows Become MoviesWhat’s going on with UnREAL and Mr. Robot?
  29. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Mommie DearestThere’s no other way to put it: This episode is a mess.
  30. the industry
    Always Be Marketing: The New Mantra for Today’s TV Shows“The moment you stop is the moment the fans stop paying attention.”
  31. worlds collide
    UnREAL, the RNC, and TV White PrivilegeFlipping between Giuliani screaming about police brutality and what happened on last night’s UnREAL was enough to make a person’s head explode.
  32. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Black Lives MatterAs Jay says to Rachel, “This is not your story to tell.”
  33. emmys 2016
    UnREAL’s Marti Noxon on Her 1st Emmy Nomination“I watched the first two episodes, because I was there for those, and then I stopped.”
  34. midseason review
    What’s Going on With UnREAL? A Mid-Season AssessmentIt’s tilting closer to frothy escapism than smart satire.
  35. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Aftermath What should be a fascinating exploration of Rachel is undone by unfocused storytelling.
  36. trends
    The Rise of Women’s Pictures on TelevisionThe classic Hollywood genre never went away — it just moved to a different medium.
  37. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Breaking Point“Infiltration” shortchanges a ripe story line for the sake of short-term drama.
  38. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Independence DayDoes Darius realize what he’s lost by colluding in his own exploitation?
  39. quotables
    Up Your Game With the Quinn King Insult GeneratorMarvel at a master’s bon mots.
  40. worlds collide
    Bachelorette’s Tabloid Plot Was So UnREALThe Bachelorette and UnREAL are merging into one glorious reality-TV monster.
  41. Shiri Appleby: The Comeback KidFor the first time in years, Shiri Appleby is the star of her own show. But she’s working harder than ever to be behind the camera.
  42. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: The Ivy League Devil“If I was a man, they wouldn’t be doing this to me.”
  43. last night on late night
    Constance Zimmer Really Loves Michael JacksonIt was a 16th-birthday present.
  44. overnights
    UnREAL Recap: Kingdom ComeRachel is trying to become Quinn. And everyone knows it.
  45. chat room
    UnREAL’s Michael Rady on Rachel, Going Shirtless“They have some kind of physical attraction with each other.”
  46. overnights
    UnREAL Season Premiere Recap: The Kill ListMay the best woman win.
  47. close reads
    Why Watching UnREAL Makes Watching The Bachelor So Much BetterWe know it’s fake — but we also know it’s real.
  48. A Brief Primer on B.J. Britt, the Actor Playing UnREAL’s New SuitorGet to know the man behind Darius Beck.
  49. renewals
    UnREAL Has Been Renewed for Season 3Hooray!
  50. tv review
    UnREAL Is Back and Just As SeductiveUnREAL may be delving into the racial fray this season, but it’s still at its most compelling when it depicts being a woman in a misogynistic workplace. 
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