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Unsolicited Advice

  1. unsolicited advice
    18 People and Other Topics South Park Should Lampoon This SeasonSouth Park premieres season 18 tonight. Praise Yeezus.
  2. unsolicited advice
    Pearl Jam, Please Just Release an Album of BalladsIn honor of their new ballad-heavy record.
  3. unsolicited advice
    5 Things the Boy Meets World Sequel Needs to DoIt’s more than just “Needs Feeny” listed five times.
  4. unsolicited advice
    Kanye Tweets That Are Better Album Titles Than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy1. ‘Jogging in Lanvin.’
  5. unsolicited advice
    Obviously, Tom Cruise Should Play Larry in The Three StoogesWhat’s the worst that can happen? If Tom gets poked in the eye, he already has an eye patch.