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  1. updates
    Lori Loughlin Reemerges to Say She Can’t Talk About the College Bribery ScandalShe was in a friendly mood.
  2. Leonard Cohen’s Son on His Father’s Health and Potential Next Album“It’s safe to say that he’s dealing with failing infrastructure.”
  3. James Taylor Updates ‘Fire and Rain’ on ColbertFire and rain and calzones.
  4. justin bieber
    Justin Bieber Speaks (on Instagram)And his first post-arrest statement is as humble as you’d expect.
  5. updates
    The Yeezus Tour Will Resume Next SaturdayIn Philly.
  6. updates
    Robyn Is Really, Really Taking Her Time With New Music“I’m nowhere near finished with the album.”
  7. updates
    Lil Wayne Is ‘More Than Good,’ Says Lil WayneHere’s his “I’m Totally Fine” video.
  8. updates
    New Kanye Coming in a Few Months, Says KanyeGreat!
  9. updates
    Nine Inch Nails Will Tour This YearWith a brand-new lineup.
  10. updates
    Frank Ocean Already Has Ten Songs for His New AlbumMaybe even eleven.
  11. updates
    Trent Reznor Is Working on a Streaming Service, New Nine Inch Nails MusicAccording to The New Yorker.
  12. updates
    A$AP Rocky Has a New Video and Release DateJanuary 15.
  13. updates
    Cruel Winter Still Exists, and Big Sean Is On ItNo release date, though.
  14. updates
    The Cat Power Tour Is Still OnGood.
  15. updates
    Arcade Fire Is Working on a New Album, SlowlyDon’t rush them.
  16. azealia banks
    Azealia Banks’s Album Pushed to 2013Happy Valentine’s Day.
  17. updates
    Fred Willard Isn’t Going to JailBut he did have a previous lewd conduct arrest.
  18. updates
    Shirley MacLaine Has Arrived at Downton Abbey and Is Having a Lovely TimeThough her hotel accommodations leave something to be desired. 
  19. clickables
    Read an Update on Spy’s ‘Separated at Birth’ Pairs, 25 Years LaterBono and Robin Williams still look the same.