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  1. improv
    Improv Communities Demand Theaters Address Systemic RacismPerformers from UCB, Second City, iO, and the Groundlings want to hold their theaters accountable.
  2. live comedy
    20 Funny UCB New York Moments You’ve Probably Never Heard ofRemembering UCB’s New York stages through some of its weirdest and most hilarious live sketches and characters.
  3. improv
    Amy Poehler on UCB Closure: ‘We Did Make Mistakes’“What’s most important is people know how much we care about this theater, to keep it alive.”
  4. improv
    Upright Citizens Brigade Closes New York Theater and Training CenterCo-founders called the decision “heart wrenching, but necessary.”
  5. layoffs
    Upright Citizens Brigade’s Founders Address Mass LayoffsAmy Poehler will reportedly cover an extra month of health-care coverage for full-timers.
  6. institutions
    UCB Could Be Facing ‘the Beginning of the End’ Amid CoronavirusLayoffs, theater closures, and silence from the Upright Citizens Brigade founders are alienating a community that may be unwilling to return.
  7. coronavirus
    Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres Go Dark on Both Coasts Due to CoronavirusThe theater staff has been laid off, and the Del Close Marathon has been postponed.
  8. improv
    A Eulogy for UCB’s Del Close Marathon in New YorkA longtime improviser says good-bye to DCM before it moves to L.A. next year.
  9. improv
    Comedians Share Their Favorite Del Close Marathon MemoriesA walk down memory lane ahead of UCB’s 20th and final improv marathon in New York.
  10. improv
    UCB’s Del Close Marathon Moving From NY to LAAfter 20 years in New York City, the Upright Citizens Brigade improv comedy weekend is heading West.
  11. A Comedian Is Suing UCB for ‘Reverse Gender Discrimination’ After Getting […]Back in August 2016, New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade theaters banned a comedian after multiple women came forward with rape allegations […]
  12. Is It Time for UCB to Start Paying Performers?Performing improv or standup on a UCB stage might be fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s not labor worthy of payment – especially when you’re […]
  13. Talking Funny or Die and ‘Not Quite a Genius’ with Nate DernFrom humble beginnings as a participant in season 3 of The CW’s Beauty and the Geek to becoming the artistic director of UCB’s New York theater […]
  14. Inside the Weird but Wonderful World of Comedy WrestlingIf you have ever found yourself at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea at 11:00pm on a Thursday night, you’ve probably witnessed a comedy wrestling […]
  15. UCB Is Moving from Chelsea to Hell’s Kitchen Next MonthThe Upright Citizens Brigade is leaving its Chelsea location in New York to make way for a new location a little further uptown. According to […]
  16. From UCB to ‘The House’ with Rob Huebel Rob Huebel is maybe a quintessential “right place, right time” example for an aspiring comedian. The place was New York and the time was […]
  17. Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh Announce 2018 […]Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts,and Matt Walsh are bringing UCB’s popular long-running improv show ASSSSCAT to a very important stage […]
  18. The 19th Annual Del Close Marathon Schedule Is OutThe annual Del Close Marathon takes place in New York next month, and this week UCB released the full lineup and schedule for the event. The […]
  19. exclusive
    Amy Poehler, Anthony Atanamuik to Perform at 19th Annual Del Close MarathonThree days, 650 shows, ten stages.
  20. slideshow
    Matt Walsh Takes You Inside His Del Close MarathonThe Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre co-founder takes on its annual improv festival.
  21. The 18th Annual Del Close Marathon Schedule Is OutThe annual Del Close Marathon takes place in New York next month, and this week UCB released the full lineup and schedule. The improv marathon […]
  22. comedy
    How Female Comedians Fight Assault & HarassmentL.A.’s “Evil Misandrist Comedy Witches” are banding together to share their stories.
  23. Watch Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian Face Off in a Trump/Sanders […]Larry David’s appearance on SNL as presidential candidate Bernie Sanders over the weekend was unarguably great, but that doesn’t mean we should […]
  24. Why Is Diversity Still Such an Issue at Places Like UCB?It’s by no means a new topic in the comedy community, but after the 90% male, 100% white writing staff of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert […]
  25. Poehler, Besser, Roberts, and Walsh Look Back on the Early Days of UCBTo celebrate UCB’s 25th anniversary and annual Del Close Marathon this weekend, founders Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh […]
  26. Fusion Is Teaming Up with UCB for New Digital Comedy Studio F-ComedyFusion wants to make some digital comedy with the help of YouTube, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and more through the launch of a new studio […]
  27. profile
    Mumford & Sons on Trading in Their Banjos for Electric GuitarsOh, and their guitarist is taking classes at UCB.
  28. Read a New Oral History of the Upright Citizens BrigadeUproxx has a brand new oral history of the Upright Citizens Brigade out today, and it’s a fantastic in-depth look at the theatre founded by Amy […]
  29. IFC Teams Up with UCB and Above Average for New Online Comedy HubIFC is getting into the online comedy game. The network announced today that they’ve launched the IFC Comedy Crib, an online hub for short-form […]
  30. Check Out UCB’s Special Halloween Series ‘Gary Saves the Graveyard’Here’s the first episode of Gary Saves the Graveyard, an equally spooky and hilarious web series by UCB that marks their largest production to […]
  31. Upright Citizens Brigade Announces the Grand Opening of UCB Theatre SunsetThe Upright Citizens Brigade is opening a brand new theater in Los Angeles. UCB announced today that it’s added a new venue called UCB Theatre […]
  32. Peyton Reed Talks Adam McKay’s Work on ‘Ant-Man’“We all know Adam is, in my mind, a comedic genius, and I’ve known Adam since the Upright Citizens Brigade days that I did in the late ‘90s. […]
  33. The New UCB Oral History Is Free All WeekendIn June, writer Brian Raftery released an e-book oral history of the UCB called High-Status Characters: How The Upright Citizens Brigade […]
  34. The UCB Improv Manual Is Finally HereThe long-awaited UCB improv manual has arrived! At Friday’s opening press conference for the 15th Del Close Marathon, a mysterious box joined […]
  35. yes and...
    An Oral History of UCB Theater Partying and ‘Awkward Sexuality’Featuring Amy Poehler, Ed Helms, Casey Wilson, Rob Corddry, a special appearance by Creed, and many more.
  36. There’s a New Oral History of the UCB Out Today in E-Book FormWriter Brian Raftery has a new, exhaustive oral history of the Upright Citizens Brigade that was just released today, exclusively through […]
  37. UCB Announces Ridiculously Good Del Close Marathon Line-Up, AgainUCB has announced the schedule for its annual Del Close Marathon and as always, it seems too good to be true. The 56-hour long-form improv […]
  38. comedy week
    See Poehler, Corddry, Fey, More at the Old UCBA gallery of shots from when future comedy stars (Rob Corddry, Jack McBrayer, Aubrey Plaza) learned improv while SNL stars stopped by to work out.
  39. Listen to Matt Besser and Ian Roberts Explain the History, Philosophy, and […]UCB Theatre founders Matt Besser and Ian Roberts did a special episode of Besser’s Earwolf podcast improv4humans today, in which they walk […]
  40. pop culture memory lane
    How John Cho Got Slapped Down by MorrisseyThe Harold and Kumar star learned an important lesson about celebrity honesty.
  41. pop culture memory lane
    When Paul Scheer Got the Brush-Off from Robert Downey Jr.In our second “Pop Culture Memory Lane” installment, the NTSF star tells of his very uncomfortable Comic-Con encounter with Iron Man.
  42. pop culture memory lane
    How Casey Wilson Kidnapped a Rent ActorIn this new co-production with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Wilson (and her animated self) remembers her near-kidnapping of a Rent understudy.
  43. The Lost Roles of Amy PoehlerOver the past two decades, Amy Poehler has amassed one of the most impressive resumes in comedy history. Not only did she play a significant […]
  44. upright citizens brigade
    Watch Matt Walsh and Amy Poehler Discuss the History of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on Rock CenterBriWi goes downtown for laughs.
  45. chameleon time
    See Amy Poehler As 30 Different Alter EgosSee her as everything from mustachioed professor to giant-sored prostitute to grande dame in these makeup tests from the 1998 ‘Upright Citizens Brigade’ TV show.
  46. A Love Letter To UCB’s 15 Years In New YorkTo honor the UCB’s 15 years in NYC and the opening of UCBeast, New York Mag checked in with about 50 alumni of the many-headed comedy hydra, […]
  47. Some Things I Learned As the Artistic Director of the UCB TheatreIt’s almost impossible these days to watch a comedy movie or TV sitcom that doesn’t feature a comedian from the Upright Citizens Brigade […]
  48. Inside the Del Close Marathon’s Three-Day Celebration of Improv and Sweaty […]“Hey. Remember DCM? (I don’t. Please fill me in.)” Four days after I get home from the Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre’s 13th annual Del Close […]
  49. Talking to the UCB About Their Theaters and Upcoming Radio ShowThe AV Club has a great interview with Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh and Matt Besser about UCB’s upcoming Sirius radio show, the two existing […]
  50. Checking In With the Cast of Upright Citizens BrigadeWhatever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, evening TV…and the cast and creators of Upright Citizens Brigade? The list of […]
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