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    Jordan Peele Is Producing a ‘Spiritual Sequel’ to CandymanNia DaCosta will direct.
  2. The Complete Guide to Everything: Urban Legends: Disney Theme ParksThis week Tim and Tom deliver a pre-taped episode recorded before their European tour which of course leads with an extensive conversation […]
  3. The Complete Guide To Everything: College Urban LegendsThis week’s episode is the first installment of our new series of Urban Legends themed episodes (which will appear monthly, or until we forget […]
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    How Not to Market a TV Show, From the Makers of Swamp PeopleI see you, gator, creepin’.
  5. urban legends
    Bill Murray Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny That Myth About Him Whispering Into a Man’s Ear in Union SquareHe also doesn’t recognize reality stars.