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Urban Outfitters

  1. the hipster influence
    Urban Outfitters Now Sells the Most Vinyl Records“The people buying vinyl … are those who grew up with the ability to download music or stream it on Pandora and Spotify.”
  2. new girl
    Check Out the Douchebag Jar (Based on the One From New Girl) That Urban Outfitters Is SellingOwn a little piece of Zooey just for yourself!
  3. equal rites
    Miley Cyrus Is Serious About Marriage EqualityShe called out a homophobic former fan over Twitter this week.
  4. quote machine
    Matthew McConaughey Has High, High Hopes for His ChildPlus: Woody Harrelson gets confused!
  5. last night’s gig
    Vampire Weekend Staves Off Obsolescence Playing Debut DiscThe show was their last chance to transcend the interweb before they’re sucked back down into the inevitable backlash.
  6. last night’s gig
    El-P Rocks Out … Urban Outfitters?Throughout his show at Urban Outfitters, rapper El-P kept smacking himself in the head, as if asking What the hell am I doing here?