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  1. All 33 Video-Game Movies, Ranked From Least Bad to Absolute WorstIt’s time to stop judging video-game movies the way we judge other movies, and instead start weighing them exclusively against their peers.
  2. wtf
    Director Uwe Boll Claims to Have Read Jennifer Lawrence’s Teenage DiaryWhile subletting her parents’ Los Angeles home.
  3. the rottenest tomato
    Uwe Boll, Notorious Crankypants and Maker of Truly Terrible Films, Is RetiringOh, Uwe, we hardly knew ye.
  4. crowdfunding
    Uwe Boll Flips Out When No One Wants to Fund His New Dumb Bad Movie“Retarded amateur idiots collecting money on that absurd website.”
  5. trailer mix
    It’s a Uwe Boll Trailer Double Feature, and It’s HorribleCould ‘Blubberella” and ‘Bloodrayne 3’ be anything less?
  6. uwe boll
    Uwe Boll’s New Movie Is About an Overweight Female Superhero “She will kick major ass — with her major ass.”
  7. trailer mix
    Raging Boll Trailer; or, the Uwe Boll Charm OffensiveThe documentary about the very bad director looks like three minutes of fun.
  8. mockumentry
    Documentary About Uwe Boll Arrives’Raging Boll.’ Get excited.
  9. ugh
    Who Wants to See the Trailer for Uwe Boll’s Holocaust Movie?We will probably skip this one.
  10. Movie Industry Sues Pirates With Crappy TasteAs if it weren’t embarrassing enough to be caught downloading a Uwe Boll movie.
  11. uwe boll
    America Won’t Be Denied Uwe Boll’s DarfurUwe Boll’s first-ever serious movie is coming to your continent.
  12. auteurs
    Uwe Boll Courageously Tackles Hot-Button Issues in DarfurConcerned he’s selling out? Never!
  13. the industry
    Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, and Marion Cotillard to Help Christopher Nolan Delay Batman 3Plus, who wants to get shot by Ted Nugent?
  14. delusions of grandeur
    Anyone With 50 Bucks Lying Around Can Invest in Uwe Boll’s Next FilmIt’s probably a safer investment than the stock market these days.
  15. courage
    Brave Actress Survives Uwe Boll Movie, Becomes American Idol FinalistHer continued willingness to show her face in public is truly an inspiration, and almost makes up for the Jason Mraz song she auditioned with.
  16. Uwe Boll Carves Impressive Swath of Disrepute With Nine Razzie NominationsZac Efron is counting his lucky stars this morning.
  17. controversy
    2008 Razzie Nominating Ballot Calls Into Question Seriousness of AwardsZac Efron for Wost Actor? Please!
  18. the industry
    Uwe Boll Returns!Plus: Who’s writing Katherine Heigl’s HBO polygamy movie?
  19. apropos of nothing
    So How Much Money Did Uwe Boll’s ‘Postal’ Make Anyway?Uwe Boll’s not saying!
  20. apropos of nothing
    Uwe Boll Turns Down Tetris Movie, SadlyWe think he could’ve made it work!
  21. chat room
    Uwe Boll Explains Why He’s the Perfect Director to Make a Grand Theft Auto MovieThe acclaimed auteur speaks to Vulture about his new film, Michael Bay, and stuffing Verne Troyer in a suitcase.
  22. the early-evening news
    No Girls Allowed in Michael Jackson’s Recording StudioPlus: Will Mariah Carey win an Oscar? Hahahahaha. Sorry.
  23. the early-evening news
    Miley Cyrus to Sink Every One of Her Fifteen Years of Life Experience Into MemoirPlus: Take the Uwe Boll challenge, and the ‘Blair Witch’ guy finally makes another movie.
  24. tube junkie
    Uwe Boll Breaks His Brief Silence, Speaks Out on Internet PetitionThe unpopular German director discusses the online petition to get him to stop making movies — with humorous results!
  25. apropos of nothing
    Uwe Boll Will Quit Making Movies If One Million People Ask Him ToThe world’s worst director says he’ll retire if a million people on the Internet ask him to. But will it make any difference?
  26. beef
    Uwe Boll vs. Steven Spielberg(Michael Moore has not been reached for comment.)
  27. trailer mix
    ‘Far Cry’ Trailer: Uwe Boll Not Yet Done Thrilling UsUwe Boll is back!
  28. apropos of nothing
    Uwe Boll’s Movies to Look Even CheaperSad news today for Uwe Boll fans, assuming such people do, in fact, exist.
  29. countdown
    Uwe Boll’s ‘In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale’ Is the Movie of the YearTitle aside, the movie appears to contain neither a dungeon nor a siege.
  30. quote machine
    Uwe Boll Will Take What He Can GetPlus: George Clooney and Tracy Jordan!