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  1. casting
    Uzo Aduba Joins Lupita Nyong’o’s HBO Max Series, AmericanahAduba will play Aunty Uju.
  2. casting
    Sarah Paulson, Uzo Aduba, and More to Help Secure Emmys for FX’s ERA DramaSorry to literally every other show that is not this one.
  3. one grand books
    Uzo Aduba’s 10 Favorite BooksDr. Seuss, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and more.
  4. chat room
    Orange Is the New Black’s Uzo Aduba Has Trouble Not Taking Suzanne Home With Her“Suzanne is a full-fledged person to me. It would not be shocking to me if I saw her on the street. I’d be like, There she is.
  5. chat room
    OITNB: Poussey’s Devastating Scene“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.”
  6. fantasy casting
    7 Actresses We Would Have Cast As Nina Simone Instead of Zoe SaldanaNo blackface necessary.
  7. prom
    Uzo Aduba Took Her Prom Date to the SAG AwardsLove lives!
  8. role reversal
    Uzo Aduba Continues the Tradition of Creepy-As-Hell Hannibal LectersShe takes on Anthony Hopkins’s monologue in Glamour’s Role Reversal series.
  9. ease on down
    Watch Uzo Aduba’s The Wiz Live! PerformanceBelieve in yourself!
  10. last night on late night
    Watch Uzo Aduba Explain What It’s Like to Be Onstage at a T-Swift Concert“You feel the radiating love from 13-year-olds coming.”
  11. There Is a Whole Lot of Glitter in The Wiz Live!NBC is going to be vacuuming for days.
  12. acceptance speeches
    Watch Uzo Aduba’s Emmys Acceptance SpeechEveryone knows your name now.
  13. emmy backstories
    Uzo Aduba on Why She Chose ‘Hugs Can Be Deceiving’ As Her Emmy Submission“That probably sounds weird, but it’s true: I just wanted to honor her.”
  14. party chats
    Uzo Aduba Felt the ‘Love’ With Taylor Swift“If love were a tangible thing, I think I could have touched it that night.”
  15. the wiz live!
    Uzo Aduba and Amber Riley Will Play Good Witch Sisters in The Wiz Live!Yep, Crazy Eyes can sing, too.
  16. chat room
    Taylor Schilling and Uzo Aduba Talk OITNB“What are we making, a web series?”
  17. emmys 2014
    Watch Uzo Aduba’s Inspiring Post-Emmy Win Interview“I feel so full, that’s why the tears come out.”
  18. celebrity profiles
    Hanging Out With OITNB’s Uzo Aduba“I could be Suzanne.”
  19. candy
    Watch Crazy Eyes Audition for the Other Orange Is the New Black PartsHer Piper is actually pretty solid. Her Red, not so much.
  20. Funny or Die Releases Uzo Aduba’s Impressive ‘OITNB’ Audition TapeFor fans of Orange Is the New Black who have already powered through the new season, here’s one way to ease your withdrawal – a new Funny or […]
  21. happy holidays
    Taystee and Crazy Eyes Made You a Christmas VideoIt is delightful.
  22. chat room
    OITNB’s Crazy Eyes on Flirting Techniques “She doesn’t even realize that when she thinks she’s winking at someone, it’s so exaggerated that it’s actually scary.”