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Vampire Movies

  1. fangs for reading
    Vampire Veek Will Never DieVulture turned nocturnal for just one week, but our stories will be bloodthirsty forever.
  2. there will be blood
    The Greatest Place to Be a Vampire Was New York in the ’90sJust take a look at The Addiction, Habit, and Nadja.
  3. bloodlust
    Vampires, Ranked (by Hotness)I learned a few things on this journey, mainly that most vampires are excruciatingly hot in a way that makes me feel bad and compromises my morals.
  4. vulture asks
    What’s Your Favorite Vampire Movie?There’s something about a faint chill in the air that makes us want to curl up under a blanket and watch fanged baddies go for the throat.