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Vampire Week

  1. fangs for reading
    Vampire Veek Will Never DieVulture turned nocturnal for just one week, but our stories will be bloodthirsty forever.
  2. paws to think
    Against VampiresThey are, on the whole, bad news. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a werewolf.
  3. there will be blood
    The Greatest Place to Be a Vampire Was New York in the ’90sJust take a look at The Addiction, Habit, and Nadja.
  4. finales
    What We Do in the Shadows Accepts Its HumanityA tremendous third season ends with a twist revealing just how much these idiot vampires have grown.
  5. so much updog
    A Field Guide to What We Do in the Shadows’ Energy VampireActor Mark Proksch and showrunner Paul Simms dissect the machinations and weakness of everyone’s least favorite Super Bowl party guest.
  6. draculean feats
    Most Shows Would Be Better If They Were About VampiresLet’s raise the stakes (sorry).
  7. good one podcast
    A Casino Is the Perfect Place for a VampireWe talked haunted dolls, jalopies, and Scabby the Rat with the What We Do in the Shadows gang at Comic Con.
  8. role call
    Krysten Ritter Answers All Our Questions About VampsAlso, she would like her fangs back, please.
  9. vulture recommends
    The Best Vampire Cop Show Ever Made (in Canada)No other Canadian vampire cop show comes close to Forever Knight, a ’90s cult hit about an 800-year-old homicide detective.
  10. endings
    The Best Line in a Vampire Movie Is in The Lost Boys“One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach …”
  11. bloodlust
    Vampires, Ranked (by Hotness)I learned a few things on this journey, mainly that most vampires are excruciatingly hot in a way that makes me feel bad and compromises my morals.
  12. the vampire chronicles
    An Oral History of Queen of the DamnedHow an Anne Rice novel became a Hollywood saga involving Aaliyah and the guy from Korn.
  13. vulture asks
    What’s Your Favorite Vampire Movie?There’s something about a faint chill in the air that makes us want to curl up under a blanket and watch fanged baddies go for the throat.
  14. vulture movie club
    Twilight’s Final Vampire Battle Is Better Than Anything Marvel Has Ever DoneSlay, TCU (Twilight Cinematic Universe)!
  15. profile
    Matt Berry Has a TypeThe actor is known for playing ridiculous characters with a straight face — the stupider the better.
  16. chat room
    WWDITS’ Harvey Guillén Is Thrilled to See Guillermo Coming Into His Own“People want him to take action, and I can say he definitely will start doing that. But what are the repercussions of that?”
  17. legacies
    The Enduring Legacy of Buffy the Vampire SlayerThe series was at its best charting women in moments of fraught transition.