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  1. sexy vampires
    A New Twilight Book Is Coming to Feast on Your NostalgiaThis time, Edward tells the story.
  2. 100 scares
    A Beginner’s Guide to Women’s Horror FilmmakingThis A to Z list reflects the scope and longevity of women filmmakers and their work in horror.
  3. comedy gold
    The Vampire Baseball Game in Twilight Is the Funniest Film Scene EverLet’s break it down frame by frame.
  4. The Rise and Fall of the Vampire Romance CrazeWhen did dead people get so sexy?
  5. reunions
    Robert Pattinson Can Be Ready for New Twilight Film at the Drop of a Vampire Wig“I’ve got the Botox out.”
  6. dark night of the soul
    Anne Rice Blessed All the Outcasts During a Vampirish Visit to New OrleansThe Vampire Chronicles have always been for us outcasts, us people that think differently.”
  7. books
    J.K. Rowling: No, Professor Snape Was Not a VampireThe newest Pottermore update is all about vampires.
  8. age quiz
    Can You Tell Younger Elijah Wood From Older Elijah Wood?Take our age quiz.
  9. Only Lovers Left Alive Trailer: Tilda Has TeethIn a new vampire flick by Jim Jarmusch.
  10. vampires
    Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt Join Kitchen SinkIt’s a vampire/zombie/alien comedy.
  11. vampires
    See a Teaser for the New Season of True Blood“A tyrant is rising.” From a mud puddle, apparently.
  12. To Catherine, Regarding the Absurdities of the California Gold Rush, 1849, […]My Dearest Catherine, We are heading by caravan to San Francisco, ready to mine for gold. Everyone is telling wild tales about how much gold […]
  13. the arousal index
    Watch Vulture’s Twilight Horniness Focus GroupCharting the arousal level of Twi-hards from Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2.
  14. supercut
    We Discovered Robert Pattinson’s Nervous Tic: The Talk-Show Water SipHe’s a very thirsty person.
  15. explainer
    A Crash Course on the Vampire Rules in Breaking Dawn - Part 2Here is how to keep all the vampires straight.
  16. twilight
    Kellan Lutz Was Dubious About ‘Glimmering Vampires’ at FirstThat doesn’t sound very marketable to us!
  17. Conan Is a Foreground Vampire Well, he is already pale enough. (Zing a ding!) Watch out, Conan production staff, the big bossman is going to… lick your hat? Conan is off […]
  18. The Complete Guide to Everything: VampiresHello there, dear Splitsider reader. We’re Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds and we host a podcast called The Complete Guide to Everything, which is […]
  19. vampires
    Chris Meloni on Trading His SVU Badge for True Blood FangsEveryone still wants to shake his hand.
  20. chat room
    True Blood’s Valentina Cervi on Vampire SexSookie who?
  21. vampires
    Rick Santorum Inspired This Season of True BloodIs that why it’s so terrible?
  22. season premieres
    A Quick Refresher on Who Is Dead on True BloodAnd who is dead dead and undead, etc.
  23. vampires
    Charlaine Harris Is Done With Sookie StackhouseAfter thirteen books.
  24. trailers
    Watch New Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter TrailerThis explains why Abe was such a melancholy fellow.
  25. dark shadows
    See Character Portraits From Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, Including Vampire Johnny Depp!Tim Burton does Twilight, and we’re into it.
  26. true blood
    Christopher Meloni Is Now a Regular on True BloodHe’ll play an “ancient, powerful vampire.”
  27. twilight
    Robert Pattinson Glad He Got the Chance to ‘Churn Through a Placenta’That ‘Breaking Dawn’ birth scene sounds so appealing.
  28. movie review
    Movie Review: Fright Night Struggles to Nail the Horror-Comedy Balance At times, Colin Farrell is as hilariously over-the-top as Nicolas Cage in ‘Vampire’s Kiss.’
  29. blood suckers
    Why Don Draper Is a Far Better Vampire Than Any of Twilight’s or True Blood’sA vampire expert explains how Jacob and ‘True Blood’ have emasculated the vampire, while Don is Dracula’s true heir.
  30. clickables
    See a Sketch of the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Wedding DressAlso: cartoon Bella as a vampire.
  31. See a Photo of the Half-Vampire Child Actress From Twilight: Breaking DawnShe looks pretty normal.
  32. clickables
    Hear, Download a New Mountain Goats Track, ‘Damn These Vampires’It’s on trend, horror-wise.
  33. tv
    Richard Belzer Has Made a Music Video About VampiresIt’s called “The Vampire Song.”
  34. twilight
    Budding Twilight Fan James Franco Disappointed by Breaking Dawn Sex Scene“It was kind of a letdown after all that buildup.”
  35. Grandpa + Vampire = Grampire, NaturallyCollegeHumor’s long-running Hardly Working series has the enviable ability to take something relatively simple, like a pun (Grampire, get […]
  36. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Sunny-Side Up“Well, that is a kick in the pants.”
  37. blood money
    News Update: Vampires Make Tons of Money!Vampire-related media have pulled in $7 billion in less than two years.
  38. vampires
    James Franco Writing a Vampire Romance Novel?He read ‘Twilight’ “for a project.”
  39. zampires
    Zombies and Vampires Team Up for, in Retrospect, Inevitable TV ShowNBC has just purchased a script for a show called ‘Zombies vs. Vampires.’ And yes, you should have thought of that.
  40. vampires
    Breaking Dawn 2: Coming SoonSummit Entertainment announced this afternoon that ‘Breaking Dawn: Part Two’ will arrive in theaters on November 16, 2012.
  41. vampires
    Litigious Vampire Weekend Cover Model Says She Never Met the PhotographerThe release submitted to the band has her name spelled two different ways and only offered her one dollar in payment.
  42. vampires
    Lee Pace To Play Edward Cullen’s BFF?’Pushing Daisies’ star in talks to join final ‘Twilight’ film.
  43. comic-con 2010
    Comic-Con: Let Me In Actress Chloe Moretz Still Hasn’t Seen Let the Right One InPlus, a scene from the movie!
  44. chat room
    James Frain, True Blood’s Most Demented VampireThe actor talks about his portrayal of Franklin, the crazy vampire who kidnaps Tara, and his those long, scary fangs.
  45. vampires
    Will Smith to Put Vampires in the BibleGet excited, fans of religion, sacrilege, vampires, and Will Smith!
  46. vampires
    Vampire Weekend Sued by Cover ModelShe claims she never consented to the use of her photo.
  47. vampires
    America’s Vampire Obsession Is Really Getting Out Of HandTeens are now biting each other.
  48. werewolves
    15 of Literature’s Hottest Lycan LoversBuck up, Team Jacob!
  49. vampires
    Stephenie Meyer’s Bree Tanner Poised to Dominate All Other BooksNo end in sight for ‘Twilight’ madness.
  50. foodies
    Olive Garden Should Comp Taylor Lautner“Without glancing at the menu, Lautner orders the Toscana soup.”
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