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  1. vulture lists
    Your Very British Streaming Guide to Georgian Period DramasEight sexy shows from a not particularly sexy era.
  2. media
    Radhika Jones Named Next Editor of Vanity FairThe 44-year-old was previously the editorial director of the New York Times’ book department.
  3. Graydon Carter Is Leaving Vanity Fair After 25 YearsThe end of an era.
  4. What Michiko Kakutani’s Departure From the Times Means for Books CoverageThe most powerful book critic gets a book deal.
  5. Vanity Fair Defends Its Description of Angelina Jolie Film Casting ProcessAccording to the magazine, Jolie demanded that they retract the description of how she cast children in her film.
  6. apparent rules of feminism
    Emma Watson Responds to Critics of Her Feminism Following Semi-Nude Photo Shoot“I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it.”
  7. fantasy texts
    Adele Is the Only Person in the World Confident Enough to Roast Beyoncé“[Adele is] funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary.”
  8. interviews
    Amy Schumer Checks Jennifer Lawrence for LiesVanity Fair demands to know what happened with that bidet.
  9. new jobs
    Judd Apatow to Guest-Edit Vanity Fair’s January Comedy IssuePaul Rudd and Jason Segel better be getting ready for their photo shoot.
  10. haters to the left
    Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Care About ‘Sh*t Eaters’Join the club, K-Stew.
  11. vanity fair oscar party
    See Photos From the Vanity Fair Oscar Party BoothSuzanne Somers, you know this isn’t Scores, right?
  12. Let’s Discuss the Cover of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood IssueIs it, y’know, racist?
  13. ink-stained wretches
    J.Lo Discusses Split With Marc Anthony in Upcoming Vanity FairHer love? Still free!
  14. clickables
    See Robert Pattinson Chilling With an Alligator on the Vanity Fair CoverWho has the better side eye?
  15. clickables
    See Vanity Fair’s Annual ‘Hollywood Issue’ CoverWe see you, Robert Duvall!
  16. the law
    Justin Bieber Evades Justice, Covers Vanity FairTwo-for-one Bieber news time!
  17. Ricky Gervais Talks About What Makes Something Funny Here’s a great video of Ricky Gervais being interviewed by Vanity Fair’s Howard Schatz in which he discusses how he approaches comedy and why […]
  18. Here Is a Photo of Zach Galifianakis in a Ladies SwimsuitFrom the latest Vanity Fair comes “The Zach Galifianakis Swimsuit Calendar.” There are five more poses waiting for you at their site, if one […]
  19. lady gaga
    Lady Gaga Wears Spidery Crowns and Plastic Dresses for Vanity Fair U.K.Gaga the living doll.
  20. tv
    See Party Down’s Fake Vanity Fair Cover’Party Down’: gone, but not forgotten.
  21. controversies
    Sidibe Responds to Controversial Vanity Fair CoverThe cover drew much criticism for featuring nine white actresses.
  22. the industry
    Chris Pine Joins the Ranks of Skilled Thespians Who’ve Played Jack RyanPlus: Gus Van Sant! Bret Easton Ellis! Rashida Jones’s graphic novel!
  23. tube junkie
    Johnny Depp’s Six Favorite YouTube VideosTurns out, if you had your own yacht and private island, you’d probably just sit around watching funny videos — pretty much like you do now.
  24. comebacks
    Where Will Jessica Simpson Go From Here?Tough to tell!
  25. news reel
    Debra Messing Dishes About Her Ill-fated Tryout for CasinoTurns out Sharon Stone had nothing to worry about.
  26. observations
    Vanity Fair Hearts the Frat PackThey’ve got a sweet spot for ‘Arrested Development,’ too.
  27. collaborations
    Clint Eastwood Is His Own Best Friend, TooIn addition to being his best collaborator!
  28. apropos of nothing
    Miley Cyrus Not-Topless Outrage!But what if the chest you can’t see is secretly covered by clothes you can’t see? Is it okay then?
  29. news reel
    Meryl Streep Rules and Graydon Carter Jabs ‘Vanity Fair’ at Poetry Bash“We don’t do contemporary poets at the Academy of American Poets,” said Streep. “Because if you say one name, then somebody else has their nose out of joint. “
  30. the early-evening news
    ‘Bond’ Producers to Amy Winehouse: Stay Clean if You Want to Contribute a Hacky Soundtrack SongPlus: Mose Schrute has a blog! It’s about baseball.
  31. the take
    ‘The Simpsons’ in ‘Vanity Fair’: An Imagined Oral HistoryGraydon Carter: I can’t remember if it was my idea or someone else’s, but I definitely was the one to give it the go-ahead. After all, I edit Vanity Fair, don’t you know.
  32. the industry
    Buzz Bissinger’s ‘Barbaro’ Bought By BergPlus Kevin Reilly, Nicole Kidman, Deborah Harry, and Shannon Doherty.
  33. the industry
    Julia Roberts to Make Fresh Flowers the New Blood Diamonds?
  34. news reel
    ‘Vanity Fair’ Editor: Buying Presents for Shoeshine Boy?
  35. the best part
    The Two Best Quotes From Peter Biskind’s ‘Vanity Fair’ Profile of Bruce Willis