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  1. scott weiland
    Scott Weiland Died of an Accidental Drug Overdose, Medical Examiner ReportsThe former Stone Temple Pilots front man died on December 3.
  2. scott weiland
    Matt Sorum Pays Tribute to Scott Weiland“I made peace with him.”
  3. tributes
    Stone Temple Pilots Issue Statement on WeilandMembers of Velvet Revolver have also issued a statement.
  4. and then there was light
    BREAKING NEWS!And they said it would never happen!
  5. quote machine
    Jack Black Discusses the Inspiration for His Farting, Fat ‘Tropic Thunder’ CharacterPlus: Matthew McConaughey describes labor in perfect Matthew McConaughey language.
  6. the early-evening news
    Supergroup Seeks Erratic Singer for Hedonism, ChooglingPlus: Howard Shore signs on for The Hobbit and Dolly Parton signs on to judge a bunch of crappy singers!
  7. right-click
    Radiohead Impersonators Unexpectedly Channel Dick DaleThe latest MP3s to hit the blogs.
  8. right-click
    Velvet Revolver Gets Mechanical