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    Damien Hirst Will Take the Hate With the Love in Venice“As an artist, the best you can hope for is people arguing, mixed reviews. Love it and hate it.”
  2. Venice Officials Threaten to End Biennale MosqueThey claim it could be a target of a terrorist attack.
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    What the Venice Biennale Is Really Like If You’re Actually There for the ArtOne man’s worm’s-eye view of the proceedings.
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    A Brief Guide to Joan Jonas, the U.S. Venice Biennale RepresentativeViewing her work always feels like entering into a new, miniature world.
  5. Joan Jonas (and Her White Poodle, Ozu) Represent America in VeniceA report from inside Joan Jonas’s posse at the Biennale.
  6. British Press on British Penis Art in VeniceSarah Lucas, still a YBA after all these years, representing England at the Venice Biennale, filled her country’s pavilion with some rather naughty stuff.
  7. The First Day of the Venice Biennale, by Land and by SeaIt’s unclear whether curator Okwui Enwezor’s ambitious plans hold up — but it’s clear there are a hundred places to be at once.
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    The Art World Is Currently in Venice on Gondolas Having More Fun Than YouSeventeen Instagram shots of dealers and curators canoodling on gondolas during the Biennale.
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    Saltz’s Postcards From the Venice BiennaleNavigating the good, the bad, and the overhyped in a suddenly empty Venice with my new digital camera.
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    20 Standout Works From the 55th Venice BiennaleSee all the highlights and press stunts (Milla Jovovich in a Plexiglas box).
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    Saltz: The Early Reports From the Venice Biennale Sound Great, But …Our art critic on the 2013 Biennale.
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    Jerry Saltz’s Best and Worst of the Venice BiennaleHis five personal favorite pavilions and his three least favorite.
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    Saltz on the Ugly American at the Venice Biennale“I think being embarrassed to be an American is partly what this is about.”
  14. in the magazine
    Get an Advance Look at Next Week’s New YorkYou’ve got a choice between Ashanti and the Venice Biennale.
  15. art candy
    The Diversity and Dynamism of the Venice BiennaleIt’s the most diverse fair yet, with a record 77 nationalities represented among 90 artists.
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    Saltz: Highlights of the Venice Biennale; Plus, Worst in ShowMaybe sinking malls have no other way of making money.
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    New Yorkers to Storm the Venice BiennalePaul Chan, Tony Conrad, and Yoko Ono at the art-world equivalent of the Miss America pageant.
  18. art candy
    Nothing a Nice Wall Hanging Wouldn’t FixThe Venice Biennale is essentially a highbrow round of show-and-tell as galleries from around the world boast their best and brightest.