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  1. film festivals
    Venice Unveils Lineup for This Year’s Socially Distanced Film FestivalIncluding Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland.
  2. venice film festival
    Lady Gaga Shines in A Star Is Born. But Is It Bradley Cooper’s Oscar Play?Plus the Coen brothers’ cowboy misfire, Mike Leigh’s rousing Peterloo, and more updates from the Venice Film Festival
  3. venice film festival
    At Venice, Roma’s Male Nudity Doesn’t Play for LaughsEmily Yoshida’s dispatches from the film festival.
  4. preservation
    The Art Historian Trying to Save Venice From Being Killed by Cruise ShipsA talk with the author of If Venice Dies.
  5. The Stage Dive Weekend Roundup: Neil LaBute and More Neil LaBute is back — and strikes back, too.
  6. art
    Jerry Saltz: Venice Is Losing a Great Artwork, For a Really Dumb ReasonBasta!
  7. pick up lines
    Pilot News: MacFarlane’s New Show, Kinnear on TVPlus Sleepy Hollow, Girlfriend in a Coma, and tons more.